Thursday, July 13, 2017

July 2017 Blitz Results

Peninsula Chess hosted a blitz tournament with 33 players on July 12th at the Belmont Library.  There were two sections, one USCF blitz-rated (6 rounds, G/3; d2), and one unrated (five rounds, G/5; d3).  Congrats to our winners:

Alan Finkelstein won the rated section with a perfect 6.0 score, with Caspar Li finishing clear 2nd with 5.0 (his only loss coming to Alan).

In the unrated section, Hamilton Zhang was a perfect 4.0 through 4 rounds.  In the 5th and final round, Aeron Gurskis forced a tie by beating Hamilton, with Anna Bautina also winning to join them at 4.0 (her only loss coming to Hamilton in the first round).  This forced a 3-way playoff (played at G/3; d2).  Anna defeated Aeron and then Hamilton to win the section and the trophy.

USCF Blitz-Rated section:

Unrated section

(I apologize; some of the grades are probably wrong.)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Aeron Gurskis2Central ElementaryL5W14W11W10W24.
2Hamilton Zhang3HighlandsW3W6W5W4L14.00.017.514.051.032
3Anna Bautina6Ralston MiddleL2W16W9W6W54.0-1.012.510.043.032
4Arush Bisht5Brewer IslandW16D9W7L2W103.50.011.511.041.023
5Akshita Bisht4Brewer IslandW1W8L2W7L33.
6Orion Gurskis2Central ElementaryW15L2W8L3W163.
7Nirav Adavikolanu2HeatherW14W10L4L5W123.0-1.011.510.039.032
8Anish Patil2Kids ConnectionW12L5L6W13W93.0-
9Miles Yu3UnknownW13D4L3W11L82.
10Rohan Gupta3UnknownW11L7W12L1L42.
11Annie Saban5Kids ConnectionL10W13L1L9W152.
12Anika Dara1Kids ConnectionL8W15L10W14L72.0-
13Prateek Kamisetty1Foster City ElementaryL9L11W15L8W142.0-
14Rhodes Kostrub4CiprianiL7L1W16L12L131.
15Rostislav Bautin4FoxL6L12L13W16L111.
16Saira Gupta3UnknownL4L3L14L15L60.

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