Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 Fox School Scholastic Chess Tournament - FAQ

General FAQ

  • When is the tournament?
    • Sunday, March 25th, 2018.  Pre-registered players should arrive by 10:30am.  For those who haven't registered yet, site registration is 10:00-10:30am.
  • Who can play in the tournament?
    • Any child in 8th grade or below can play in the tournament.
  • Is USCF membership required?
  • Where do my entry fees go?
    • All proceeds benefit the Fox PTA.
  • How do I sign up?
  • Are there other tournaments like the Fox tournament?
    • Yes!  The Heather tournament, held in May, and the Baywood tournament, held in the fall, are very similar to the Fox tournament.  Watch for announcements for those tournaments.
Facilities FAQ
  • Where can I park?
    • There are about 50 parking spots at the school.  You are welcome to use the spots marked for staff (as of course it is not a school day).  If you arrive too late, all the spots may be filled, but you should have no problem parking along the streets next to the school.
  • Are there bathrooms?
    • Yes, the bathrooms are outside.
  • Is there food available on site?
    • Yes, food is available on-site.  We will be selling pizza, drinks, and snacks.
  • Are there restaurants nearby?
    • Nothing within walking distance.  There's a small selection of places near Ralston/Alameda de las Pulgas, but we wouldn't recommend trying to drive there and back between rounds.
  • Is there wi-fi?
    • No, wi-fi is not available.  Cell phone service is available, though it can be spotty for some carriers.
  • Is there a playground?
    • Yes, there is a playground available for use by the kids, with basketball courts, baseball fields, monkey bars, and slides.

Player FAQ
    • What do I do when I arrive?
      • The first thing each player should do upon arrival is check-in.  Each player will be given a name tag to make sure everyone is in the right place.  Please arrive before 10:45am; earlier is better.  The later you arrive, the longer the check-in line will be.
    • How does my child figure out where to go and who to play?
      • Before each round, we will post the pairings on the walls outside.  Someone will say "The pairings are up!"  The pairings are done per section, so there will be one paper with the unrated K-1 pairings, one for unrated grade 2-3, one for unrated grade 5-8, one for USCF under 500, one for USCF under 900, and one for USCF 900+.  Find your section, then look for your name.  Next to your name will be your board number, color (white or black), and opponent.  Enter the tournament room, find your board number, and sit at the correct color, then wait for further instructions by the tournament director.
    • Can I talk during the game?
      • No!  You may (but are not required to) say "check", but don't say it too loud.  You may talk to a tournament director if you have a question.  Other than that, there should usually be silence.
    • How do I show good sportsmanship?
      • Glad you asked.  It is traditional to shake hands with your opponent before and after your game, and to say "good game" after the game.  Even if one side is distraught over losing.  Respect your opponent.  Do not taunt them if you take their pieces or if they make a bad move (this means NOT saying something like "I've got your queen!").
    • What is the time control?
      • The time control for the unrated sections is G/20 (game in 20 minutes).  This means that each side has 20 minutes to make their moves for the game (so the game should be over in 40 minutes or less).  The time control for the rated sections is G/17 d3 (game in 17 minutes with a 3 second delay).  A chess clock is used for each game. 
    • How do I use a chess clock?
      • To start the game, black pushes down on his side of the clock to start white's timer.  After you make a move, push down on your side of the clock.  Be sure to push down on the clock with the same hand that you used to move the piece.  Do not keep your hand on the clock after you have pressed it.  The clock will show minutes + seconds left for each side.  If the clock goes all the way down to 00:00, then that side has run out of time.  You (the player) are responsible for "calling the clock" -- that is, saying that your opponent's clock has run out of time.  Players in other games and the tournament directors are not responsible (and should not) call the clock in someone else's game.  If one person runs out of time, that person loses unless his opponent doesn't have enough material to checkmate his opponent.  If this is the case, the game is a draw (even if the side that ran out of time has a massive advantage in material).
    • What happens if I forgot to hit the chess clock after I move?
      • Your opponent is under no obligation to tell you that you forgot to hit your clock.  You may lose seconds or even minutes while your opponent silently waits.  If your opponent seems to be taking an unexpectedly long amount of time to move, check your clock!  That being said, I would say it is common courtesy to notify your opponent after a small amount of time has run off the clock.  At least the first time it happens.
    • Can I stop the clock if I have to use the bathroom?
      • No!  If you have to leave in the middle of your game for any reason, you cannot stop your clock.  Your clock will continue to run.  However, keep in mind that 20 minutes is a long time, so if you have to take 1-2 minutes to use the bathroom, you still have plenty of time.  Of course, it would be better if you went before your game started.
    • Is the touch-move rule enforced?
      • Yes!  If you touch a piece, you have to move it (unless you can't make any legal move with it).  If you touch an opponent's piece, you must capture it (unless you can't).  If you want to castle, you should touch your king first; otherwise, if you touch your rook, your opponent could compel you to move your rook (without castling).  Once you let go of a piece, it has to stay there.  The only exception to the touch-move rule is that you may say "adjust" before touching a piece to move it closer to the center of its square.
    • What is the 50 move rule?
      • If both players make 50 moves without moving a pawn or capturing a piece, the game is a draw.  Once a pawn move or capture is made, the count starts over.  It is not automatically a draw; one of the players in the game must claim a draw.  Since it is hard to document how many moves are being made, if a player suspects a claim might be made later, the player should raise a hand and notify a tournament director of their intent to claim a draw later.  The tournament director can then use the clock to determine how many moves have been made, and check the clock later to see how many additional moves have been made.  The player should probably count out loud (softly) how many moves have been made.  One move by black and one move by white only counts as one move, not two!
    • What is the draw by repetition rule?
      • Basically, if the same position has been reached in a game 3 times, the game is drawn.  It is not automatically drawn; one of the players in the game must claim a draw.  Note that it is not the moves that are repeated, but rather the position.  The repeated position does not have to be repeated on consecutive moves, either (though it often is).  Perpetual check is a special case of draw by repetition.
    • What do I do when my game is over?
      • Raise your hand and someone will come over to record the result.  Make sure they record the result correctly (especially if you won).  Then set the board back up and go outside and play until the next round!
    • What do I do after my 5th round game is over?
      • Please wait for the awards ceremony.  All players will receive a trophy or a medal.  If you must leave before the awards ceremony, please make arrangements for someone else to get your trophy or medal.

    Tournament FAQ

    • How many games will my child play?
      • Each child will play 5 games.  Do not leave just because your child loses in an earlier round!
    • What do I do if my child has to leave early?
      • If you do have to leave early for some reason, please notify a tournament director immediately.  Otherwise, we would pair your child against another child for the next round, and that other child would be disappointed not to play against someone.
    • Hey, you said my child would play 5 games, but they only played 4.  Why?
      • If there are an odd number of players in a section, it's impossible to have everyone play in each round.  In that case, one player in each round will be "unpaired", and will receive 1 point (equivalent to a win).  No player will be unpaired more than once.
    • When are the games played?
      • The rounds are scheduled to start at 11am, 12:10pm, 1:15pm, 2:10pm, and 3:05pm.  Times are structured this way to allow players time to have lunch.  The awards ceremony will start at approximately 4pm.  Times may be pushed back a bit if we get a late start, but we usually manage to catch up to the original schedule by the end of the day.
    • How is each child's score calculated?
      • Each player starts with a score of 0.  They receive 1 point for a win and half a point for a draw.  So the maximum score for a 5-round tournament is 5 (five wins).
      • Why did my child get paired against this other kid?
        • This is what is called a swiss tournament, and pairings are done automatically by computer based on some basic swiss system rules.  In the first round, pairings are somewhat random (they are based on USCF ratings if any children have ratings, but most do not have ratings).  In subsequent rounds, the system tries to pair each player with another player with the same score.  So, if your child wins their first round game, they will probably play against someone else who won their first round game.  More information can be found here:
      • Will my child get a trophy?
        • Trophies are given to the top places in each section.  How many trophies depends mostly on how many entries there.  Depending on all the results, your child will most likely get a trophy if they have a score of 4.0 or more, though this is not guaranteed.  Sometimes players with lower scores will get trophies, as well.  Sometimes a player with one score gets a trophy, while a player with the same score does not.  This is because ties are broken by tie-breaks.  Tie-breaks may also be used to distinguish between first and second place, or second and third, etc.
      • How do tie-breaks work?
        • There are several ways to determine tie-break scores.  Usually these involve looking at each player's opponents and how well those opponents scored.  The computer pairing program calculates all of the tie-breaks based on set formulas.
      • Can I stay in the tournament room?
        • Yes, parents are allowed to remain in the tournament room, but please be quiet!  If the noise becomes too much, we will ask people to go outside (this applies to both adults and children).  Please silence your cell phone or put it on vibrate so as not to disturb the players.

      Saturday, January 20, 2018

      January 2018 PCL Results

      The latest Peninsula Chess League tournament was held on Friday, January 19th.  This was a 3-round event, time control G/15; d3 for the USCF sections, and G/18 for the unrated sections.  The tournament was run as an individual Swiss tournament with 5 sections (3 USCF-rated, 2 unrated).  85 kids participated.

      Here is the USCF Rating Report.  Some notable rating gains: Anish Dara (+97), Pranav Kamisetty (+125), Akshay Lal (+170), Prakruthi Radhakrishnan (+101), Ragha Vemulapalli (+108), Neil Bhatkhande (+108), Kenta Itami-Wolf (+145), Aeron Gurskis (+151), Orion Gurskis (+111), and Calvin Baxter (+115).

      Winning teams:

      1st place, Super Team (6 players):  Brewer Island
      1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Ralston
      1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Kids Connection
      1st Place, Small Team (3 players);  College Park
      1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Tierra Linda

      This was Brewer Island's 3rd Super Team victory.  This was Ralston's first Large Team win.  This was Kids Connection's first PCL win of any kind.

      Players with perfect 3.0 scores:  Anish Dara, Tristan Liu, Pranav Kamisetty, Caden Cartagena, Neil Bhatkhande, Shrisha Dandamudi, Alexey Krytsyn, Dheeraj Yarrapathruni, and Nirav Adavikolanu.

      Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

      Team Size 6 Standings
      Brewer Island443
      Kids Connection299

      Brewer IslandNeil BhatkhandeSection 33.0102
      Brewer IslandAkshay LalSection 22.595
      Brewer IslandPrakruthi RadhakrishnanSection 22.076
      Brewer IslandDheeraj YarrapathruniSection 53.072
      Brewer IslandVishwa PasapulaSection 52.560
      Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 21.038
      Brewer IslandAashika AnandhSection 51.024

      Team Size 5 Standings
      Brewer Island405
      Kids Connection299

      RalstonAlexey KrytsynSection 43.084
      RalstonMatthew FosterSection 32.068
      RalstonEvan LeongSection 11.563
      RalstonAnders KostrubSection 21.557
      RalstonAnna BautinaSection 42.056
      RalstonJacob YuryevSection 11.042
      RalstonJared GongSection 11.042

      Team Size 4 Standings
      Brewer Island345
      Kids Connection282
      Central Elementary234
      Foster City Elementary210

      Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 13.0126
      Kids ConnectionJaden CheungSection 12.084
      Kids ConnectionAnika DaraSection 52.048
      Kids ConnectionAbhinav KhoslaSection 51.024
      Kids ConnectionRobyn NakhimovskySection 30.517
      Kids ConnectionAnish PatilSection 30.00

      Team Size 3 Standings
      Brewer Island273
      Kids Connection258
      College Park254
      Tierra Linda206
      Central Elementary192
      Foster City Elementary172

      College ParkPranav KamisettySection 23.0114
      College ParkShrisha DandamudiSection 43.084
      College ParkDylan ChuaSection 42.056

      Team Size 2 Standings
      Kids Connection210
      College Park198
      Brewer Island197
      Tierra Linda168
      Central Elementary136
      Foster City Elementary124
      LP Collins34

      Tierra LindaAdam ZweigerSection 12.084
      Tierra LindaAlan FinkelsteinSection 12.084
      Tierra LindaSamina GinwallaSection 21.038

      BaysideTristan LiuSection 13.0126

      Central/ArroyoCollin LiouSection 12.084
      Central/ArroyoKeenan LiouSection 11.563
      Central/ArroyoVevaan KodigeSection 31.034
      Central/ArroyoAlex DilsSection 20.00
      Central/ArroyoAlexander CottrellSection 10.00
      Central/ArroyoNicholas CottrellSection 20.00

      BowditchAbhijith AravindSection 12.084
      BowditchSuraj YarrapathruniSection 22.076
      BowditchDesmond ChuaSection 42.056
      BowditchSumedha ChikkerurSection 21.038
      BowditchAnkit MuppalaSection 21.038
      BowditchAkshay AnandhSection 31.034
      BowditchVishal DandamudiSection 10.00
      BowditchArin MageshSection 40.00

      AbbottElliott ReganSection 11.042

      SandpiperJoshua WuSection 11.042

      NesbitArthur LiSection 11.042
      NesbitNeil SirimalleSection 51.024
      NesbitAmrit PillaiSection 51.024
      NesbitAkhil PillaiSection 40.514
      NesbitEmerson-Elyse BarajasSection 40.00

      SCCLCJeremiah TaloSection 52.048
      SCCLCIsaia TuimavaveSection 21.038

      Foster City ElementaryRaghav VemulapalliSection 22.076
      Foster City ElementaryPrateek KamisettySection 52.048
      Foster City ElementaryAnanya AcharyaSection 52.048
      Foster City ElementaryAravind AcharyaSection 21.038

      FoxSkyler PetersonSection 22.076
      FoxErik LeongSection 22.076
      FoxRyan LeeSection 32.068
      FoxErick ChengSection 31.551
      FoxElla KimSection 51.024
      FoxJustin WongSection 50.512
      FoxAnastasiia PelevinaSection 50.00

      Peninsula Liberty AcademyCaden CartagenaSection 23.0114

      BaywoodCalvin BaxterSection 31.551
      BaywoodNoah KornSection 21.038
      BaywoodCamden BaxterSection 30.517

      Notre DameKenta Itami-WolfSection 32.585

      HighlandsHamilton ZhangSection 32.585

      KeysAlexander MuellerSection 31.034
      KeysRohan SinhaSection 41.028

      Central ElementaryAeron GurskisSection 32.068
      Central ElementaryOrion GurskisSection 32.068
      Central ElementaryJacob MaugerSection 42.056
      Central ElementaryAlex ShiSection 41.542

      LP CollinsJyosshnaa VijayasenthilnathanSection 31.034
      LP CollinsAnagha VasudevanSection 40.00

      CiprianiRostislav BautinSection 41.028
      CiprianiRenat BautinSection 51.024

      HeatherNirav AdavikolanuSection 53.072
      HeatherOlive BurtonSection 42.056
      HeatherCooper BurtonSection 52.048
      HeatherMarina MendezSection 41.028

      AltoYarah TehraniSection 41.028

      ArundelAlexander FinkelsteinSection 52.048

      Brittan AcresMiles YuSection 52.048

      AudubonVidhu ThirunagariSection 51.024

      Section 1 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Anish Dara11325Kids ConnectionW12W5W83.
      2Tristan Liu11858BaysideX16W4W33.
      3Jaden Cheung11882Kids ConnectionW10W11L22.
      4Abhijith Aravind11326BowditchW14L2W112.
      5Adam Zweiger11797Tierra LindaW15L1W122.
      6Collin Liou12956Central/ArroyoL9W13W102.
      7Alan Finkelstein14947Tierra LindaL11W15W92.
      8Keenan Liou11478Central/ArroyoW13D9L11.
      9Evan Leong10256RalstonW6D8L71.
      10Jacob Yuryev9896RalstonL3W14L61.
      11Elliott Regan10336AbbottW7L3L41.
      12Joshua Wu894 P64SandpiperL1B-L51.
      13Jared Gong9096RalstonL8L6W151.
      14Arthur Li894 P34NesbitL4L10B-1.0-
      15Vishal Dandamudi9306BowditchL5L7L130.
      16Alexander Cottrell9447Central/ArroyoF2U-U-

      Section 2 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Pranav Kamisetty7384College ParkW7W5W93.
      2Caden Cartagena8334Peninsula Liberty AcademyW6W13W43.
      3Akshay Lal546 P222Brewer IslandW12D9W102.
      4Skyler Peterson8005FoxW14W10L22.
      5Raghav Vemulapalli5303Foster City ElementaryW16L1W112.
      6Erik Leong6703FoxL2W14W152.
      7Prakruthi Radhakrishnan550 P252Brewer IslandL1W17W122.
      8Suraj Yarrapathruni484 P86BowditchW17L12W132.
      9Anders Kostrub743 P137RalstonW11D3L11.
      10Aravind Acharya6873Foster City ElementaryW15L4L31.
      11Samina Ginwalla5596Tierra LindaL9W16L51.
      12Isaia Tuimavave7197SCCLCL3W8L71.
      13Noah Korn631 P172BaywoodX18L2L81.
      14Sumedha Chikkerur666 P126BowditchL4L6B-
      15Trisha Sabadra5265Brewer IslandL10B-L61.0-
      16Ankit Muppala6796BowditchL5L11W171.0-
      17Alex Dils673 P125Central/ArroyoL8L7L160.
      18Nicholas Cottrell7645Central/ArroyoF13U-U-

      Section 3 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Neil Bhatkhande4463Brewer IslandW12W10W43.
      2Hamilton Zhang431 P83HighlandsW15D8W52.
      3Kenta Itami-Wolf247 P102Notre DameD9W14W82.
      4Ryan Lee3863FoxW7W6L12.
      5Aeron Gurskis100 P43Central ElementaryW16W9L22.
      6Matthew Foster100 P06RalstonW11L4W102.0-
      7Orion Gurskis105 P53Central ElementaryL4W16W112.0-
      8Calvin Baxter111 P104BaywoodW14D2L31.
      9Erick Cheng435 P124FoxD3L5W131.
      10Alexander Mueller347 P114KeysW13L1L61.
      11Vevaan Kodige293 P23Central/ArroyoL6W12L71.
      12Akshay Anandh100 P06BowditchL1L11W161.0-
      13Jyosshnaa Vijayasenthilnathan100 P24LP CollinsL10W15L91.0-
      14Robyn Nakhimovsky407 P232Kids ConnectionL8L3D150.
      15Camden Baxter208 P94BaywoodL2L13D140.
      16Anish Patil3122Kids ConnectionL5L7L120.

      Section 4 (unrated 4th-8th)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Shrisha Dandamudi4College ParkW5B-W43.
      2Alexey Krytsyn8RalstonX14W9W33.
      3Olive Burton4HeatherW10W6L22.
      4Anna Bautina7RalstonW13W7L12.
      5Desmond Chua7BowditchL1W11W82.
      6Jacob Mauger4Central ElementaryW12L3W102.0-
      7Dylan Chua4College ParkX15L4W92.0-
      8Alex Shi4Central ElementaryD11W12L51.
      9Marina Mendez4HeatherX16L2L71.
      10Rostislav Bautin5CiprianiL3W13L61.
      11Yarah Tehrani4AltoD8L5D131.
      12Rohan Sinha4KeysL6L8B-
      13Akhil Pillai4NesbitL4L10D110.
      14Anagha Vasudevan4LP CollinsF2U-U-
      15Arin Magesh6BowditchF7U-U-
      16Emerson-Elyse Barajas4NesbitF9U-U-

      Section 5 (unrated K-3rd)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Dheeraj Yarrapathruni3Brewer IslandW7W11W53.
      2Nirav Adavikolanu3HeatherW19W6W43.
      3Vishwa Pasapula2Brewer IslandD18W14W82.
      4Miles Yu3Brittan AcresW9W13L22.
      5Prateek Kamisetty1Foster City ElementaryW10W18L12.
      6Anika Dara2Kids ConnectionW14L2W152.
      7Ananya Acharya1Foster City ElementaryL1W17W132.
      8Alexander Finkelstein1ArundelB-W12L32.
      9Cooper Burton2HeatherL4W16W112.0-
      10Jeremiah Talo2SCCLCL5W19W122.0-
      11Neil Sirimalle3NesbitW17L1L91.
      12Aashika Anandh3Brewer IslandW15L8L101.
      13Renat Bautin3CiprianiW16L4L71.
      14Vidhu Thirunagari3AudubonL6L3W181.
      15Ella Kim1FoxL12B-L61.0-
      16Amrit Pillai1NesbitL13L9B-1.0-
      17Abhinav Khosla2Kids ConnectionL11L7W191.0-
      18Justin Wong3FoxD3L5L140.
      19Anastasiia Pelevina2FoxL2L10L170.

      Saturday, October 21, 2017

      October 2017 PCL Results

      The October 2017 Peninsula Chess League tournament was held on Friday, October 20th.  This was a 3-round event, time control G/15; d3 for the USCF sections, and G/18 for the unrated sections.  The tournament was run as an individual Swiss tournament with 5 sections (3 USCF-rated, 2 unrated).  88 kids participated.

      Here is the USCF Rating Report.  Some notable rating gains: Tristan Liu (+83), Abhijith Aravind (+91), Jared Gong (+94), Vian Yang (+218), Pranav Kamisetty (+209), Skyler Peterson (+96), Isaia Tuimavave (+85), Erik Leong (+133), and Neil Bhatkhande (+133)

      Winning teams:

      1st place, Super Team (6 players):  Bowditch
      1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Arroyo/Central
      1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Ralston
      1st Place, Small Team (3 players);  Tierra Linda
      1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Foster City Elementary

      This was Bowditch's first Super Team victory.  Tierra Linda won the small team prize for the second consecutive time.  They and Arroyo/Central were the only repeat winners from last time.

      Players with perfect 3.0 scores:  Alan Finkelstein, Jared Gong, Vian Yang, Arthur Li, Joshua Wu, Suraj Yarrapathruni, Akshay Anandh, Aaron Minton, and Prakruthi Radhakrishnan.

      Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

      Team Standings

      Team Size 6 Standings
      Brewer Island322

      BowditchSuraj YarrapathruniSection 33.0102
      BowditchAkshay AnandhSection 43.084
      BowditchSri Krishna Sai VelichetiSection 12.084
      BowditchAbhijith AravindSection 12.084
      BowditchZayne AbrahamSection 32.068
      BowditchAush BishtSection 42.056
      BowditchSiddharth BobbaSection 11.042
      BowditchSumedha ChikkerurSection 21.038
      BowditchAnkit MuppalaSection 21.038
      BowditchVishal DandamudiSection 10.00

      Team Size 5 Standings
      Brewer Island284
      Foster City Elementary284
      Kids Connection248
      Central Elementary114
      Alto International102

      Arroyo/CentralCollin LiouSection 12.084
      Arroyo/CentralKeenan LiouSection 12.084
      Arroyo/CentralNicholas CottrellSection 22.076
      Arroyo/CentralJay KothariSection 22.076
      Arroyo/CentralBrandon KwanSection 42.056
      Arroyo/CentralAlexander CottrellSection 11.042

      Team Size 4 Standings
      Foster City Elementary260
      Brewer Island236
      Kids Connection224
      College Park179
      Central Elementary114
      Alto International102

      RalstonJared GongSection 23.0114
      RalstonAvirral AgarwalSection 22.076
      RalstonMatthew FosterSection 42.056
      RalstonAnna BautinaSection 42.056
      RalstonJacob YuryevSection 11.042
      RalstonEvan LeongSection 11.042
      RalstonAnders KostrubSection 20.00

      Team Size 3 Standings
      Tierra Linda248
      Foster City Elementary212
      Brewer Island188
      Kids Connection182
      College Park151
      Central Elementary114
      Alto International102

      Tierra LindaAlan FinkelsteinSection 13.0126
      Tierra LindaAdam ZweigerSection 12.084
      Tierra LindaNeel SijpSection 21.038

      Team Size 2 Standings
      Tierra Linda210
      Foster City Elementary152
      Brewer Island140
      Kids Connection131
      College Park123
      Central Elementary90
      Alto International74
      LP Collins68

      Foster City ElementaryAlex ZhaoSection 12.084
      Foster City ElementaryAravind AcharyaSection 32.068
      Foster City ElementaryPrateek KamisettySection 52.560
      Foster City ElementaryLinus ZhaoSection 52.048
      Foster City ElementaryAnanya AcharyaSection 51.024

      BaysideTristan LiuSection 12.5105
      BaysideRohan KumarSection 10.00

      Kids ConnectionRobyn NakhimovskySection 32.068
      Kids ConnectionJaden CheungSection 11.563
      Kids ConnectionAnish PatilSection 31.551
      Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 11.042
      Kids ConnectionAnika DaraSection 51.024

      North Star AcademyNathan BederovSection 20.00

      Alto InternationalNiko NachbarSection 21.038
      Alto InternationalKai NachbarSection 51.536
      Alto InternationalYarah TehraniSection 41.028
      Alto InternationalLenny SchallehnSection 40.00
      Alto InternationalFederico IachelloSection 50.00

      Brewer IslandPrakruthi RadhakrishnanSection 53.072
      Brewer IslandNeil BhatkhandeSection 32.068
      Brewer IslandVishwa PasapulaSection 52.048
      Brewer IslandDheeraj YarrapathruniSection 52.048
      Brewer IslandAashika AnandhSection 52.048
      Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 21.038
      Brewer IslandAkshita BishtSection 41.028

      FoxErik LeongSection 22.076
      FoxSkyler PetersonSection 22.076
      FoxErick ChengSection 32.068
      FoxJustin WongSection 51.536
      FoxRyan LeeSection 31.034
      FoxAnastasiia PelevinaSection 50.512

      College ParkPranav KamisettySection 22.595
      College ParkShrisha DandamudiSection 41.028
      College ParkNeeharika KumarSection 41.028
      College ParkHenry FarrowSection 41.028

      Peninsula Liberty AcademyCaden CartagenaSection 21.557

      Belmont OaksVian YangSection 23.0114

      SCCLCIsaia TuimavaveSection 22.076
      SCCLCJeremiah TaloSection 51.536

      Central ElementaryAlex ShiSection 42.056
      Central ElementaryAeron GurskisSection 31.034
      Central ElementaryMichael FowlerSection 51.024
      Central ElementaryOrion GurskisSection 30.00
      Central ElementaryEverett KeningerSection 20.00

      JLS Middle SchoolSharvari VartakSection 32.068

      ArundelBaron EdwardsSection 31.034
      ArundelAusra EdwardsSection 51.024

      BaywoodCamden BaxterSection 31.034
      BaywoodCalvin BaxterSection 30.517

      SandpiperJoshua WuSection 33.0102

      NesbitArthur LiSection 33.0102
      NesbitKian BaheriSection 30.517

      HeatherNirav AdavikolanuSection 52.048
      HeatherVivian HarrisSection 31.034

      HighlandsHamilton ZhangSection 32.068

      LP CollinsJyosshnaa VijayasenthilnathanSection 31.034
      LP CollinsAnn Mary ThomasSection 31.034

      CiprianiRostislav BautinSection 42.056
      CiprianiRhodes KostrubSection 41.028
      CiprianiRenat BautinSection 51.024
      CiprianiEdwin HarrisSection 51.024

      Brittan AcresAaron MintonSection 53.072

      Section 1 (USCF-rated) - Standings after round 3

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Alan Finkelstein14467Tierra LindaW16W6W33.
      2Tristan Liu11018BaysideW11W10D42.
      3Sri Krishna Sai Velicheti11378BowditchW12W8L12.
      4Collin Liou13036Arroyo/CentralD9W5D22.
      5Abhijith Aravind1041 P256BowditchW7L4W102.
      6Keenan Liou11278Arroyo/CentralW15L1W122.
      7Adam Zweiger11737Tierra LindaL5W9W132.0-
      8Alex Zhao10975Foster City ElementaryW14L3W112.0-
      9Jaden Cheung10582Kids ConnectionD4L7W151.
      10Anish Dara11745Kids ConnectionW13L2L51.
      11Alexander Cottrell9347Arroyo/CentralL2W16L81.
      12Jacob Yuryev10026RalstonL3W15L61.
      13Evan Leong10506RalstonL10W14L71.
      14Siddharth Bobba8926BowditchL8L13B-1.0-
      15Vishal Dandamudi9456BowditchL6L12L90.
      16Rohan Kumar10838BaysideL1L11U-

      Section 2 (USCF-rated) - Standings after round 3

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Jared Gong8156RalstonW7W11W43.
      2Vian Yang6284Belmont OaksW16W5W63.
      3Pranav Kamisetty5294College ParkW12W17D102.
      4Erik Leong5373FoxW14W9L12.
      5Nicholas Cottrell7485Arroyo/CentralW13L2W112.
      6Skyler Peterson6825FoxW17W10L22.
      7Isaia Tuimavave6347SCCLCL1W16W122.
      8Avirral Agarwal6807RalstonL10W15W162.
      9Jay Kothari704 P183Arroyo/CentralX18L4W132.0-
      10Caden Cartagena853 P254Peninsula Liberty AcademyW8L6D31.
      11Sumedha Chikkerur670 P46BowditchW15L1L51.
      12Ankit Muppala714 P206BowditchL3W14L71.
      13Trisha Sabadra5705Brewer IslandL5B-L91.
      14Neel Sijp723 P255Tierra LindaL4L12B-1.0-
      15Niko Nachbar848 P244Alto InternationalL11L8W171.0-
      16Nathan Bederov7864North Star AcademyL2L7L80.
      17Anders Kostrub857 P107RalstonL6L3L150.
      18Everett Keninger517 P83Central ElementaryF9U-U-

      Section 3 (USCF-rated) - Standings after round 3

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Arthur Li345 P94NesbitW16W12W63.
      2Joshua Wu100 P04SandpiperW13W5W123.
      3Suraj Yarrapathruni385 P56BowditchW20W14W43.
      4Neil Bhatkhande3133Brewer IslandW9W10L32.
      5Hamilton Zhang362 P53HighlandsW18L2W132.
      6Erick Cheng405 P94FoxW19W15L12.
      7Robyn Nakhimovsky412 P142Kids ConnectionL15W19W142.
      8Zayne Abraham4086BowditchL14W21W162.
      9Aravind Acharya5033Foster City ElementaryL4W11W172.0-
      10Sharvari Vartak471 P126JLS Middle SchoolW21L4W152.0-
      11Anish Patil281 P122Kids ConnectionH-L9W211.
      12Baron Edwards510 P133ArundelW17L1L21.
      13Ryan Lee3383FoxL2W18L51.
      14Camden Baxter172 P64BaywoodW8L3L71.
      15Vivian Harris252 P165HeatherW7L6L101.
      16Jyosshnaa Vijayasenthilnathan100 P04LP CollinsL1B-L81.
      17Ann Mary Thomas306 P104LP CollinsL12W20L91.0-
      18Aeron Gurskis100 P23Central ElementaryL5L13B-1.0-
      19Calvin Baxter142 P74BaywoodL6L7D200.
      20Kian Baheri100 P24NesbitL3L17D190.
      21Orion Gurskis258 P23Central ElementaryL10L8L110.

      Section 4 (unrated) - Standings after round 3

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Akshay Anandh6BowditchW8W11W23.
      2Matthew Foster6RalstonW9W6L12.
      3Anna Bautina7RalstonL11W10W52.
      4Rostislav Bautin5CiprianiW7L5W82.
      5Brandon Kwan6Arroyo/CentralW14W4L32.
      6Aush Bisht6BowditchW12L2W92.0-
      7Alex Shi4Central ElementaryL4W14W112.0-
      8Shrisha Dandamudi4College ParkL1W13L41.
      9Yarah Tehrani4Alto InternationalL2W12L61.
      10Neeharika Kumar4College ParkW13L3U-
      11Akshita Bisht5Brewer IslandW3L1L71.
      12Henry Farrow4College ParkL6L9B-1.0-
      13Rhodes Kostrub5CiprianiL10L8W141.0-
      14Lenny Schallehn4Alto InternationalL5L7L130.

      Section 5 (unrated) - Standings after round 3

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Aaron Minton3Brittan AcresW5W13W43.
      2Prakruthi Radhakrishnan2Brewer IslandW14W12W113.
      3Prateek Kamisetty1Foster City ElementaryD10W14W92.
      4Linus Zhao2Foster City ElementaryW15W8L12.
      5Vishwa Pasapula2Brewer IslandL1W19W122.
      6Dheeraj Yarrapathruni3Brewer IslandL9W16W132.
      7Aashika Anandh3Brewer IslandL13W17W152.
      8Nirav Adavikolanu3HeatherW16L4W102.0-
      9Kai Nachbar2Alto InternationalW6D11L31.
      10Jeremiah Talo2SCCLCD3W18L81.
      11Justin Wong3FoxW19D9L21.
      12Anika Dara2Kids ConnectionW17L2L51.
      13Ananya Acharya1Foster City ElementaryW7L1L61.
      14Renat Bautin3CiprianiL2L3W181.
      15Edwin HarrisKCiprianiL4B-L71.
      16Michael Fowler1Central ElementaryL8L6B-
      17Ausra Edwards1ArundelL12L7W191.0-
      18Anastasiia Pelevina2FoxH-L10L140.
      19Federico Iachello1Alto InternationalL11L5L170.