Thursday, July 20, 2017

5th Annual Belmont Library Summer Tournament - FAQ

General FAQ

  • When is the tournament?
    • Saturday, August 19th, 2017.  Players should arrive by 9:05am.  All players should pre-register online.
  • Who can play in the tournament?
    • Any child entering K-8th grade can enter the tournament.  Players entering 9th grade must be USCF members to play.
  • Is USCF membership required?
    • USCF membership is NOT required to play in the tournament (except for 9th graders), but membership is required to play in the advanced and intermediate sections, which are USCF-rated (the other sections are not rated).
  • Is there any cost?
    • No, it's free!  Prizes are supplied courtesy of the Friends of the Belmont Public Library.
  • How do I sign up?

Facilities FAQ
  • Where can I park?
    • The library parking lot should have ample spaces provided you arrive on time.
  • Are there bathrooms?
    • Yes, the bathrooms on site near the tournament room.
  • Is there food available on site?
    • There are only vending machines with snacks.  There is a shopping center nearby with a grocery store and some restaurants, but there is not a lot of time between rounds to eat.  We suggest waiting until after the tournament to have lunch.  The library may provide some snacks, but the kids usually go through these pretty fast.
  • Is there wi-fi?
    • Yes, there is wi-fi available, as well as public computers for use inside the library.
  • Is there a playground?
    • Yes, there is a small playground available for use by the kids, with swings, sand, and a play structure.  It is away from the tournament area, however, so be sure your child gets back to the tournament room in time for the next round.

Player FAQ
    • What do I do when I arrive?
      • The first thing each player should do upon arrival is check-in.  Each player will be given a name tag to make sure everyone is in the right place.  Please arrive by 9:05am.  The first round will start at 9:15am, so make sure you arrive on time and allow time to park and check-in.
    • How does my child figure out where to go and who to play?
      • Before each round, we will post the pairings on the walls outside and also online at a website to be determined.  Someone will say "The pairings are up!"  The pairings are done per section, so there will be one paper for the advanced group, one for intermediate, and one for beginner.  Find your section (either on the wall or on your smartphone), then look for your name.  Next to your name will be your board number, color (white or black), and opponent.  Find your board number, sit at the correct color, then wait for further instructions by the tournament director.
    • Can I talk during the game?
      • No!  You may (but are not required to) say "check", but don't say it too loud.  You may talk to a tournament director if you have a question.  Other than that, there should usually be silence.
    • How do I show good sportsmanship?
      • Glad you asked.  It is traditional to shake hands with your opponent before and after your game, and to say "good game" after the game.  Even if one side is distraught over losing.  Respect your opponent.  Do not taunt them if you take their pieces or if they make a bad move (this means NOT saying something like "I've got your queen!").
    • What is the time control?
      • The time control for the USCF-rated sections is G/15; d3 (game in 15 minutes with a 3 second delay).  This means that each side has 15 minutes to make their moves for the game (plus up to 3 seconds free for each move).  So each game could last up to about 36 minutes.  The time control for the unrated sections is G/18 (game in 18 minutes, no delay), so each game could last up to 36 minutes.  A chess clock is used for each game. 
    • How do I use a chess clock?
      • To start the game, black pushes down on his side of the clock to start white's timer.  After you make a move, push down on your side of the clock.  Be sure to push down on the clock with the same hand that you used to move the piece.  Do not keep your hand on the clock after you have pressed it.  The clock will show minutes + seconds left for each side.  If the clock goes all the way down to 00:00, then that side has run out of time.  You (the player) are responsible for "calling the clock" -- that is, saying that your opponent's clock has run out of time.  Players in other games and the tournament directors are not responsible (and should not) call the clock in someone else's game.  If one person runs out of time, that person loses unless his opponent doesn't have enough material to checkmate his opponent.  If this is the case, the game is a draw (even if the side that ran out of time has a massive advantage in material).
    • What happens if I forgot to hit the chess clock after I move?
      • Your opponent is under no obligation to tell you that you forgot to hit your clock.  You may lose seconds or even minutes while your opponent silently waits.  If your opponent seems to be taking an unexpectedly long amount of time to move, check your clock!  That being said, I would say it is common courtesy to notify your opponent after a small amount of time has run off the clock.  At least the first time it happens.
    • Can I stop the clock if I have to use the bathroom?
      • No!  If you have to leave in the middle of your game for any reason, you cannot stop your clock.  Your clock will continue to run.  However, keep in mind that 15 minutes is a long time, so if you have to take 1-2 minutes to use the bathroom, you still have plenty of time.  Of course, it would be better if you went before your game started.
    • Is the touch-move rule enforced?
      • Yes!  If you touch a piece, you have to move it (unless you can't make any legal move with it).  If you touch an opponent's piece, you must capture it (unless you can't).  If you want to castle, you should touch your king first; otherwise, if you touch your rook, your opponent could compel you to move your rook (without castling).  Once you let go of a piece, it has to stay there.  The only exception to the touch-move rule is that you may say "adjust" before touching a piece to move it closer to the center of its square.
    • What is the 50 move rule?
      • If both players make 50 moves without moving a pawn or capturing a piece, the game is a draw.  Once a pawn move or capture is made, the count starts over.  It is not automatically a draw; one of the players in the game must claim a draw.  Since it is hard to document how many moves are being made, if a player suspects a claim might be made later, the player should raise a hand and notify a tournament director of their intent to claim a draw later.  The tournament director can then use the clock to determine how many moves have been made, and check the clock later to see how many additional moves have been made.  The player should probably count out loud (softly) how many moves have been made.  One move by black and one move by white only counts as one move, not two!
    • What is the draw by repetition rule?
      • Basically, if the same position has been reached in a game 3 times, the game is drawn.  It is not automatically drawn; one of the players in the game must claim a draw.  Note that it is not the moves that are repeated, but rather the position.  The repeated position does not have to be repeated on consecutive moves, either (though it often is).  Perpetual check is a special case of draw by repetition.
    • What do I do when my game is over?
      • Raise your hand and someone will come over to record the result.  Make sure they record the result correctly (especially if you won).  Then set the board back up and go outside and play until the next round!
    • What do I do after my 5th round game is over?
      • Please wait for the awards ceremony.  All players will receive a trophy or a prize.  If you must leave before the awards ceremony, please make arrangements for someone else to get your trophy or prize.

    Tournament FAQ
    • How many games will my child play?
      • Each child will play 5 games.  Do not leave just because your child loses in an earlier round!
    • What do I do if my child has to leave early?
      • If you do have to leave early for some reason, please notify a tournament director immediately.  Otherwise, we would pair your child against another child for the next round, and that other child would be disappointed not to play against someone.
    • Hey, you said my child would play 5 games, but they only played 4.  Why?
      • If there are an odd number of players in a section, it's impossible to have everyone play in each round.  In that case, one player in each round will be "unpaired", and will receive 1 point (equivalent to a win).  No player will be unpaired more than once.
    • When are the games played?
      • The rounds are scheduled to start at 9:15am, 10:00am, 10:45am, 11:30am, and 12:15pm.  The awards ceremony will start at approximately 12:55pm and should take less than 10 minutes.  Times may be adjusted slightly, but we expect to stick pretty close to schedule.  We will let everyone know in advance if there are any changes.
    • How is each child's score calculated?
      • Each player starts with a score of 0.  They receive 1 point for a win and half a point for a draw.  So the maximum score for a 5-round tournament is 5 (five wins).
      • Why did my child get paired against this other kid?
        • This is what is called a swiss tournament, and pairings are done automatically be computer based on some basic swiss system rules.  In the first round, pairings are somewhat random (they are based on USCF ratings if any children have ratings, but most do not have ratings).  In subsequent rounds, the system tries to pair each player with another player with the same score.  So, if your child wins their first round game, they will probably play against someone else who won their first round game.  More information can be found here:
      • Why did my child get black 3 times?
        • With 5 games, about half the players will get black 3 times.  We will do our best to make sure no one gets black 4 times, but it is possible.
      • Will my child get a trophy?
        • Trophies are given to the top players in each section.  Depending on all the results, your child will definitely get a trophy with a score of 5.0, will probably get a trophy with a score of 4.5, and is likely to get a trophy with a score of 4.0, though this is not guaranteed.  Sometimes a player with one score gets a trophy, while a player with the same score does not.  This is because ties are broken by tie-breaks.  Tie-breaks may also be used to distinguish between first and second place, or second and third, etc.  Players with a score of 3.0 or less are unlikely to get a trophy, but everyone will get a trophy or prize.
      • How do tie-breaks work?
        • There are several ways to determine tie-break scores.  Usually these involve looking at each player's opponents and how well those opponents scored.  The computer pairing program calculates all of the tie-breaks based on set formulas.  The standings sheet posted after each round will summarize all the tie-breaks used.  Unlike some tournaments, the first tie-breaker we use is head-to-head results.
      • Can I stay in the tournament room?
        • To be determined.  Usually we allow parents to be in the room if they are quiet, but space is extremely limited for this tournament and the room may get very crowded, so we may restrict parent access.

      Thursday, July 13, 2017

      July 2017 Blitz Results

      Peninsula Chess hosted a blitz tournament with 33 players on July 12th at the Belmont Library.  There were two sections, one USCF blitz-rated (6 rounds, G/3; d2), and one unrated (five rounds, G/5; d3).  Congrats to our winners:

      Alan Finkelstein won the rated section with a perfect 6.0 score, with Caspar Li finishing clear 2nd with 5.0 (his only loss coming to Alan).

      In the unrated section, Hamilton Zhang was a perfect 4.0 through 4 rounds.  In the 5th and final round, Aeron Gurskis forced a tie by beating Hamilton, with Anna Bautina also winning to join them at 4.0 (her only loss coming to Hamilton in the first round).  This forced a 3-way playoff (played at G/3; d2).  Anna defeated Aeron and then Hamilton to win the section and the trophy.

      USCF Blitz-Rated section:

      Unrated section

      (I apologize; some of the grades are probably wrong.)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Aeron Gurskis2Central ElementaryL5W14W11W10W24.
      2Hamilton Zhang3HighlandsW3W6W5W4L14.00.017.514.051.032
      3Anna Bautina6Ralston MiddleL2W16W9W6W54.0-1.012.510.043.032
      4Arush Bisht5Brewer IslandW16D9W7L2W103.50.011.511.041.023
      5Akshita Bisht4Brewer IslandW1W8L2W7L33.
      6Orion Gurskis2Central ElementaryW15L2W8L3W163.
      7Nirav Adavikolanu2HeatherW14W10L4L5W123.0-1.011.510.039.032
      8Anish Patil2Kids ConnectionW12L5L6W13W93.0-
      9Miles Yu3UnknownW13D4L3W11L82.
      10Rohan Gupta3UnknownW11L7W12L1L42.
      11Annie Saban5Kids ConnectionL10W13L1L9W152.
      12Anika Dara1Kids ConnectionL8W15L10W14L72.0-
      13Prateek Kamisetty1Foster City ElementaryL9L11W15L8W142.0-
      14Rhodes Kostrub4CiprianiL7L1W16L12L131.
      15Rostislav Bautin4FoxL6L12L13W16L111.
      16Saira Gupta3UnknownL4L3L14L15L60.

      Monday, May 29, 2017

      2017 Peninsula Chess Club Invitational

      Yesterday we held the 2nd annual Peninsula Chess Club Invitational.  12 top Peninsula Chess Club players battled in two sections.

      In Group A, Collin Liou was the champion, finishing 4.0/5, with Ethan Cartagena second at 3.5.  In Group B, Nathan Gong battled Elliott Regan in the last round for first place.  Elliott went into the last round at 3.5/4 and so only needed to draw against Nathan (3.0/4), but in a tense rook, pawn and knight endgame Nathan prevailed and took the championship.

      USCF Rating Report

      Final standings:

      Group A:

      Collin Liou - 4.0
      Ethan Cartagena - 3.5
      Adam Zweiger - 3.0
      Alan Finkelstein - 3.0
      Alex Zhao - 1.0
      Keenan Liou - 0.5

      Group B:

      Nathan Gong - 4.0
      Elliott Regan - 3.5
      Evan Leong - 2.5
      Jacob Yuryev - 2.0
      Ariane Yedidia - 1.5
      Jared Gong - 1.5

      Here is a link to the individual games:  2017 Invitational Games

      Saturday, April 22, 2017

      April 2017 PCL Results

      The April 2017 Peninsula Chess League tournament was held on Friday, April 21st.  This was a 3-round event, time control G/15; d3 for the USCF sections, and G/18 for the unrated sections.  The tournament was run as an individual Swiss tournament with 5 sections (3 USCF-rated, 2 unrated).  86 kids participated.

      Here is the USCF Rating Report.  Some notable rating gains: Ariane Yedidia (924 -> 1030), Niko Nachbar (593 -> 853), Nathan Bederov (655 -> 786), Trisha Sabadra (458 -> 613), and Robyn Nakhimovsky (216 -> 415).

      Winning teams:

      1st place, Super Team (6 players):  Arroyo/Central Middle
      1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Bayside
      1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Fox
      1st Place, Small Team (3 players);  Tierra Linda
      1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Peninsula Liberty Academy

      This was Arroyo/Central Middle's second Super Team victory.  This was Bayside's first win of any kind in the PCL.  Fox is the only school to have wins in all 9 PCL tournaments.  PLA won the mini team prize for the 4th consecutive time.  Only a miracle win by Ethan in round 3 prevented Kids Connection from winning the mini team title.  If Ethan had lost, Kids Connection would have beaten both Woodland and PLA by 1 point (and Brewer Island by 3 points).

      Players with perfect 3.0 scores:  Ethan Cartagena, Alan Finkelstein, Thomas Lu, Niko Nachbar, Trisha Sabadra, Cade Miller, Aaron Kang, Nate Hui, Alexander Shi, and Michael Fowler.

      Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

      Team Size 6 Standings
      Arroyo/Central Middle454
      Brewer Island352
      Central Elementary308

      Arroyo/Central MiddleCade MillerSection 43.084
      Arroyo/Central MiddleCollin LiouSection 12.084
      Arroyo/Central MiddleAriane YedidiaSection 12.084
      Arroyo/Central MiddleKeenan LiouSection 12.084
      Arroyo/Central MiddleJay KothariSection 22.076
      Arroyo/Central MiddleDylan WilliamsSection 41.542
      Arroyo/Central MiddleJulian WardSection 21.038
      Arroyo/Central MiddleZachary TysonSection 21.038
      Arroyo/Central MiddleMaya EllisSection 40.00

      Team Size 5 Standings
      Arroyo/Central Middle412
      Brewer Island310
      Central Elementary280
      Foster City140

      BaysideThomas LuSection 23.0114
      BaysideAaron KangSection 43.084
      BaysideTristan LiuSection 12.084
      BaysideAyman Ahmed KhanSection 21.038
      BaysideRohan KumarSection 10.521

      Team Size 4 Standings
      Arroyo/Central Middle336
      Brewer Island262
      Central Elementary242
      Kids Connection231
      Brittan Acres204
      Foster City140

      FoxJared GongSection 22.076
      FoxErik LeongSection 32.068
      FoxRyan LeeSection 32.068
      FoxEvan LeongSection 11.563
      FoxKavin MisriSection 52.048
      FoxSkyler PetersonSection 21.038
      FoxErick ChengSection 31.034
      FoxAvi ShekharSection 31.034
      FoxNalini KotechaSection 40.00
      FoxAnaya MisriSection 50.00

      Team Size 3 Standings
      Arroyo/Central Middle252
      Tierra Linda219
      Brewer Island214
      Central Elementary200
      Kids Connection197
      Brittan Acres180
      Foster City140

      Tierra LindaAlan FinkelsteinSection 13.0126
      Tierra LindaSamina GinwallaSection 31.551
      Tierra LindaAdam ZweigerSection 11.042

      Team Size 2 Standings
      Peninsula Liberty Academy202
      Tierra Linda177
      Arroyo/Central Middle168
      Kids Connection161
      Brewer Island158
      Central Elementary144
      Alto International138
      Brittan Acres132
      Foster City98
      Ralston Middle90
      College Park84

      Peninsula Liberty AcademyEthan CartagenaSection 13.0126
      Peninsula Liberty AcademyCaden CartagenaSection 22.076

      LaurelElliott ReganSection 11.042

      Foster CityAravind AcharyaSection 42.056
      Foster CityShricharan SriramSection 41.542
      Foster CityAlex ZhaoSection 11.042
      Foster CityAnanya AcharyaSection 50.00
      Foster CityRaghav VemulapalliSection 30.00

      Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 33.0102
      Brewer IslandSuraj YarrapathruniSection 42.056
      Brewer IslandShrisha DandamudiSection 42.056
      Brewer IslandPrakruthi RadhakrishnanSection 52.048
      Brewer IslandDheeraj YarrapathruniSection 52.048
      Brewer IslandAbhijith AravindSection 11.042
      Brewer IslandAnkit MuppalaSection 21.038
      Brewer IslandNeeharika KumarSection 51.024
      Brewer IslandVishal DandamudiSection 10.521
      Brewer IslandNeil BhatkhandeSection 20.00

      WoodlandAdam BederovSection 12.084
      WoodlandNathan BederovSection 22.076

      HighlandsJaden CheungSection 11.563

      Kids ConnectionRobyn NakhimovskySection 32.585
      Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 22.076
      Kids ConnectionAnika DaraSection 51.536
      Kids ConnectionAnish PatilSection 31.034

      Ralston MiddleAvirral AgarwalSection 22.076
      Ralston MiddleAidan GurskisSection 40.514

      Central ElementaryAlexander ShiSection 53.072
      Central ElementaryMichael FowlerSection 53.072
      Central ElementaryMatthew FosterSection 42.056
      Central ElementaryOrion GurskisSection 41.542
      Central ElementaryEverett KeningerSection 21.038
      Central ElementaryAeron GurskisSection 41.028
      Central ElementaryKayla StephanosSection 50.512

      Hoover ElementaryYu-Ming LiuSection 20.00

      Alto InternationalNiko NachbarSection 23.0114
      Alto InternationalKai NachbarSection 51.024

      FairmeadowSharvari VartakSection 32.068

      ChallengerAneesh MardikarSection 32.068

      Redwood ShoresKelvin GaoSection 30.517

      SerendipityBohan ShaoSection 32.068

      LP CollinsAnn Mary ThomasSection 30.517

      Borel MiddleChenrui ZhangSection 42.056

      College ParkDesmond ChuaSection 42.056
      College ParkDylan ChuaSection 41.028

      CiprianiRhodes KostrubSection 40.00

      SandpiperArianna ZhuSection 41.028

      ArundelIsaac CopenSection 42.056
      ArundelBailey ChinnanSection 51.536

      HeatherNirav AdavikolanuSection 51.536
      HeatherMarina MendezSection 51.024
      HeatherOlive BurtonSection 51.024
      HeatherCooper BurtonSection 50.512

      Brittan AcresNate HuiSection 53.072
      Brittan AcresArthur LiSection 52.560
      Brittan AcresLuke WilliamsSection 52.048
      Brittan AcresAnderson BarrileSection 51.024

      Notre DameKenta Itami-WolfSection 52.048

      NesbitCaleb NagtalonSection 51.024

      Individual results:

      Section 1 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Ethan Cartagena14108Peninsula Liberty AcademyW13W5W33.
      2Alan Finkelstein12606Tierra LindaW14W11W43.
      3Collin Liou11985Arroyo/Central MiddleW12W7L12.
      4Tristan Liu11297BaysideB-W6L22.
      5Ariane Yedidia9245Arroyo/Central MiddleW8L1W102.
      6Keenan Liou11987Arroyo/Central MiddleW10L4W112.0-
      7Adam Bederov10508WoodlandW9L3W142.0-
      8Evan Leong10535FoxL5W12D91.
      9Jaden Cheung8541HighlandsL7B-D81.
      10Abhijith Aravind966 P185Brewer IslandL6W13L51.
      11Alex Zhao11454Foster CityW15L2L61.
      12Elliott Regan10225LaurelL3L8B-
      13Adam Zweiger10336Tierra LindaL1L10W151.0-
      14Rohan Kumar10257BaysideL2D15L70.
      15Vishal Dandamudi9555Brewer IslandL11D14L130.

      Section 2 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Thomas Lu9057BaysideW11W6W33.
      2Niko Nachbar593 P163Alto InternationalW9W5W43.
      3Nathan Bederov6553WoodlandW7W10L12.
      4Anish Dara8744Kids ConnectionW12W8L22.
      5Caden Cartagena762 P153Peninsula Liberty AcademyW14L2W132.
      6Avirral Agarwal7126Ralston MiddleW15L1W102.
      7Jared Gong8335FoxL3W12W112.0-
      8Jay Kothari624 P152Arroyo/Central MiddleW16L4W92.0-
      9Ankit Muppala762 P95Brewer IslandL2W14L81.
      10Julian Ward813 P117Arroyo/Central MiddleW13L3L61.
      11Zachary Tyson6845Arroyo/Central MiddleL1W15L71.
      12Ayman Ahmed Khan683 P76BaysideL4L7W151.
      13Skyler Peterson6464FoxL10W16L51.0-
      14Everett Keninger621 P32Central ElementaryL5L9W161.0-
      15Neil Bhatkhande487 P192Brewer IslandL6L11L120.
      16Yu-Ming Liu777 P53Hoover ElementaryL8L13L140.

      Section 3 (USCF-rated)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Trisha Sabadra4584Brewer IslandW12W4W53.
      2Robyn Nakhimovsky216 P91Kids ConnectionW10D8W32.
      3Aneesh Mardikar435 P225ChallengerX14W6L22.
      4Erik Leong4842FoxW8L1W112.
      5Sharvari Vartak437 P95FairmeadowW11W9L12.
      6Ryan Lee4602FoxW7L3W132.
      7Bohan Shao316 P33SerendipityL6W10W92.0-
      8Samina Ginwalla3865Tierra LindaL4D2W121.
      9Erick Cheng477 P63FoxW13L5L71.
      10Avi Shekhar421 P45FoxL2L7B-
      11Anish Patil293 P81Kids ConnectionL5B-L41.
      12Ann Mary Thomas306 P103LP CollinsL1D13L80.
      13Kelvin Gao318 P62Redwood ShoresL9D12L60.
      14Raghav Vemulapalli2712Foster CityF3U-U-

      Section 4 (Unrated 4-8)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Cade Miller4Arroyo/Central MiddleW8W16W43.
      2Aaron Kang8BaysideW17W6W33.
      3Matthew Foster5Central ElementaryW15W5L22.
      4Suraj Yarrapathruni5Brewer IslandW14W12L12.
      5Shrisha Dandamudi3Brewer IslandW9L3W112.
      6Desmond Chua6College ParkW18L2W102.
      7Isaac Copen3ArundelL10W15W132.
      8Aravind Acharya2Foster CityL1W18W162.
      9Chenrui Zhang6Borel MiddleL5W13W142.0-
      10Dylan Williams5Arroyo/Central MiddleW7D11L61.
      11Orion Gurskis2Central ElementaryB-D10L51.
      12Shricharan Sriram3Foster CityD16L4W171.
      13Arianna Zhu4SandpiperX19L9L71.
      14Aeron Gurskis2Central ElementaryL4W17L91.
      15Dylan Chua3College ParkL3L7W181.
      16Aidan Gurskis6Ralston MiddleD12L1L80.
      17Nalini Kotecha4FoxL2L14L120.
      18Rhodes Kostrub4CiprianiL6L8L150.
      19Maya Ellis6Arroyo/Central MiddleF13U-U-

      Section 5 (Unrated K-3)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Nate Hui3Brittan AcresW6W11W73.
      2Alexander Shi3Central ElementaryX22W13W53.
      3Michael FowlerKCentral ElementaryW21W15W103.
      4Arthur Li3Brittan AcresW20D10W142.
      5Prakruthi Radhakrishnan1Brewer IslandW16W9L22.
      6Kenta Itami-Wolf1Notre DameL1W18W162.
      7Dheeraj Yarrapathruni2Brewer IslandW19W14L12.
      8Kavin Misri2FoxL14W17W192.
      9Luke Williams3Brittan AcresW17L5W132.0-
      10Bailey Chinnan3ArundelW12D4L31.
      11Nirav Adavikolanu2HeatherW15L1D121.
      12Anika Dara1Kids ConnectionL10B-D111.5-
      13Kai Nachbar1Alto InternationalW18L2L91.
      14Marina Mendez3HeatherW8L7L41.
      15Anderson Barrile3Brittan AcresL11L3W201.
      16Olive Burton3HeatherL5W21L61.
      17Caleb Nagtalon2NesbitL9L8B-
      18Neeharika Kumar3Brewer IslandL13L6X211.0-
      19Kayla Stephanos3Central ElementaryL7D20L80.
      20Cooper Burton1HeatherL4D19L150.
      21Anaya Misri2FoxL3L16F180.
      22Ananya Acharya2Foster CityF2U-U-

      Monday, March 20, 2017

      2017 Fox School Scholastic Chess Tournament Results

      The 14th annual Fox School Scholastic Chess Tournament was held on Sunday March 19th.  We had a turnout of 138 players.  The results are listed below.

      This year the 6th-8th grade section was USCF Quick-Rated.  Here is the USCF rating report (note that the rating report link is not in tie-break order, so cannot be used to determine place prizes).

      The top 8 in each section were awarded trophies.  There was also a trophy to the top player rated under 800 in the 6th-8th grade section (won by Andrew Cheng).


      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Manikanden, Krish584NRTHSH1W8W3W6W2W45.014.517.51554.5
      2Korn, Noah10BAYW1W24W14W7L1W114.012.514.51344.5
      3Kistenmacher, Henri10HEAT1W13L1W15W14W74.012.514.51146.5
      4Sargeant, Graham10FOX1W20W10D11W6L13.51314.512.546
      5Sargeant, Connor5FOXKL14B---W20D9W123.599829.5
      6Park, Grant147HEAT1W21W9L1L4W143.013.5151050
      7Fowler, Michael342CENTRLKW22W12L2W11L33.013141144.5
      8Pazdera, Julien10HEAT1L1W19D17W13D93.012.514.5842.5
      9Slater, Toby10HEAT1W23L6W21D5D83.010.5119.533
      10Nierenberg, Elsie5ARUNKB---L4L14W23W153.088728.5
      11Burton, Cooper515HEAT1W15W17D4L7L22.58.514.510.549.5
      12Kumar, Sanvi5NESBITKW16L7D13W17L52.57.512.58.538
      13Thomas, Joanna5FOSTKL3W22D12L8W212.57126.534
      14Fomin, Sofia10HEAT1W5L2W10L3L62.012.516.5849
      15Pelevina, Anastasiia10FOX1L11W18L3W16L102.0913638.5
      16Nishikawa, Darin5FOXKL12D20W19L15D182.07.5105.527
      17Yip, Andrew10FOX1W18L11D8L12H---2.07106.531.5
      18Edwards, Ausra5ARUNKL17L15W22D21D162.
      19Joe, Audrey10BAYW1H---L8L16D20W232.047419
      20Eriksson, Molly5HEATKL4D16L5D19D221.5811.53.532
      21Acharya, Ananya5FOSTKL6W23L9D18L131.5811532.5
      22Proekt, Joseph5HEATKL7L13L18B---D201.5691.525.5
      23Jia, Natalie5FOSTKL9L21B---L10L191.069226
      24Proekt, Nora5HEATKL2U---U---U---U---0.004013

      Grade 2

      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Cheung, Jaden746HIGHL1W11W25W2W5W75.013141547
      2Lee, Ryan460FOX2W3W19L1W18W94.014161249
      3Acharya, Aravind20FOST2L2W24W10W8W64.013141039.5
      4Roodman, Aryn20SANC2W24W8W13L6W54.011.512.51342.5
      5Gurskis, Aeron20CENTRL2W26W6W7L1L43.01515.51252
      6Keninger, Everett621CENTRL2W10L5W15W4L33.01416.51049.5
      7Edwards, Baron468ARUN2W18W9L5W12L13.014161152
      8Vemulapalli, Raghav271FOST2W23L4W11L3W133.013.515943.5
      9Kacholiya, Maya20HEAT2W14L7W20W15L23.012141044.5
      10Zhang, Hamilton20HIGHL2L6W23L3W21W143.011.513736.5
      11Roodman, Caleb20SANC2L1W27L8W25W183.01111.5737
      12Chaparala, Nishant20BREWI2L13W22W25L7W193.09.510.5837
      13Leong, Erik484FOX2W12W20L4D14L82.58.514.51044
      14Kodige, Vevaan293BRITT2L9W16W26D13L102.5811.5836.5
      15Minton, Aaron20BRITT2H---W21L6L9W232.56.59.5728.5
      16Thirunagari, Vidhu20SANDP2D21L14D23W22D172.56106.525
      17Gurskis, Orion20CENTRL2L19L18B---W20D162.568.54.526.5
      18Strechlow, Grant20FOX2L7W17W19L2L112.01014741.5
      19Eriksson, Henry20HEAT2W17L2L18W26L122.07.511.5734.5
      20Boonyapornnad, Mak20FOX2W22L13L9L17W262.0710631.5
      21Jenks, Kian20ARUN2D16L15D24L10W272.06.59.5523.5
      22Manrao, Colby20ARUN2L20L12W27L16W252.069426.5
      23Wong, Justin20FOX2L8L10D16W24L151.59123.531.5
      24Bunin, Zachary20FOX2L4L3D21L23B---1.57.511.51.531.5
      25Kumer, Delaney199HEAT2W27L1L12L11L221.08.513.5535
      26Huang, Kalissa20HEAT2L5B---L14L19L201.06.59.5333
      27McDow, Nicholas20OCEAN2L25L11L22B---L211.058121

      Grade 3

      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Cartagena, Caden762PENIN3W25W9W6W16W35.012131545
      2Yao, Trevor808CPARK3W7W4W15L3W104.014171352
      3Aradhye, Ishaan805CIPRI3W19W12W16W2L14.014161450
      4Kamisetty, Pranav370FOST3W18L2W17W7W114.012141144
      5Baxter, Camden100BAYW3W21L15D23W24W83.5910.59.537
      6Yuan, Jason422NRTHSA3W20W8L1L11W173.01314.51046
      7Li, Arthur30BRITT3L2W20W12L4W163.01314.5844
      8Chua, Dylan30CPARK3W10L6W9W13L53.012.5151042.5
      9Baxter, Calvin124BAYW3W22L1L8W20W213.01112.5836
      10Shao, Bohan316SEREND3L8W26W19W17L23.01111.5938
      11Kumar, Neeharika124BREWI3L23W18W25W6L43.010.511.5936.5
      12Pazdera, Aidan248HEAT3W27L3L7W23W183.010.511.5834.5
      13Harris, Vivian167HEAT3L17D14W21L8W242.5610.5634.5
      14Labouisse, Kai30WEST3L16D13L24W22W232.559530
      15Yang, Vian628BOAKS3W26W5L2H---U---2.5489.523.5
      16Burton, Olive515HEAT3W14W23L3L1L72.01116948.5
      17Shi, Alexander30CENTRL3W13W24L4L10L62.01014941.5
      18Baheri, Kian30NESBIT3L4L11W26W19L122.08.512.5534
      19Mendez, Marina30HEAT3L3W27L10L18W252.0711533
      20Stephanos, Kayla30CENTRL3L6L7W27L9B---2.0710327
      21Tuzar, Dane30WEST3L5B---L13W25L92.06.510527.5
      22Fomin, Anastacia30HEAT3L9L25B---L14W262.047318
      23Slater, Benjamin30HEAT3W11L16D5L12L141.510.5146.540.5
      24Stiefel, Grace30HEAT3H---L17W14L5L131.5710.5529.5
      25Moretti, Lucas30BRITT3L1W22L11L21L191.0813437
      26Huang, Katrina30HEAT3L15L10L18B---L221.06.59.5127
      27Parihar, Aarav30SEREND3L12L19L20H---U---

      Grade 4

      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Sijp, Neel723HEAT4W11W10W5W3W45.010.5121542
      2Kumar, Manya40NESBIT4L4W12W6W5W34.011.5121042
      3Johnson, Kyle40HEAT4B---W8W4L1L23.015151142
      4Kim, Kara347FOX4W2W7L3W10L13.014.516.51154
      5Nelson, Christopher40FOX4W13W6L1L2W103.01414.51044
      6Peterson, Skyler646FOX4W9L5L2W13W73.011.512837
      7Nguyen, Jason40FOX4W8L4W9W12L63.010.5111031
      8Manrao, Andrew40ARUN4L7L3W11W9W123.08.59629
      9Tanvir, Ronok40CIPRI4L6W11L7L8B---2.07.510.5426
      10Yang, Kevin277HEAT4W12L1W13L4L52.0712841
      11Kostrub, Rhodes40CIPRI4L1L9L8B---W132.0510228
      12Fazeli-taremi, Dariush40FOX4L10L2B---L7L81.0812234
      13Clusin, Audrey40HEAT4L5B---L10L6L111.06.59.5328
      14Akka, Benton40CENTRL4U---U---U---U---U---0.00000

      Grades 5-8

      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Aravind, Abhijith966BREWI5W14W5D3W2W74.513.51513.548.5
      2Yedidia, Ariane924ARROYO5W17W8W6L1W34.01415.51347
      3Narayan, Gabrile473HIILV6W12W9D1W6L23.514.516.512.551.5
      4Li, Ethan407FOX5L10W11D7W8W53.512148.543.5
      5Li, Caspar186CPARK5W19L1W9W13L43.013141040
      6Li, Aidan530RALST7W15W10L2L3W113.012.5141044
      7Saban, Annie346KIDS5D11W18D4W12L13.01212.51039.5
      8Chua, Desmond60BOWM6W13L2W16L4W123.011.513.5939.5
      9Pyalling, Mikhail50TIERRA5W16L3L5W14W133.010.512836.5
      10Tuzar, Zackary60WEST6W4L6L12W18W153.01010.5833.5
      11Zhang, Derek50CENTRL5D7L4W18X16L62.56.5106.532.5
      12Gurskis, Aidan60RALST6L3W14W10L7L82.010.514742.5
      13Ginwalla, Samina375TIERRA5L8W17W19L5L92.08.511.5732
      14Suits, Derek126FOX5L1L12W17L9B---2.06.511330.5
      15Shajeeb, Ruba70LAWSN7L6L16B---W19L102.069425
      16Yang, Xander258NUEVA6L9W15L8F11X192.04.57.5421
      17Presta, Francois107BAYW5L2L13L14B---W182.048227
      18McDow, Jonathan50OCEAN5B---L7L11L10L171.06.59.5426.5
      19Kang, Noel50FOX5L5B---L13L15F161.03.56.5321
      20Knappau, Honukai274TIERRA6U---U---U---U---U---0.00000

      USCF-Rated Section

      #NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
      1Finkelstein, Alan1202TIERRA6W18W19W4W5D24.514.516.514.551.5
      2Cartagena, Ethan1393PENIN8W28W9W3W8D14.514.515.514.552.5
      3Liou, Keenan1173CENTRL7W13W14L2W20W94.013.515.51247.5
      4Liu, Tristan1074BAYS7W22W15L1W19W84.012141249.5
      5Ward, Julian520CENTRL7D6W23W16L1W153.5131510.546.5
      6Kumar, Rohan996BAYS7D5W7D11D15W163.512.5151046.5
      7Velicheti, Sri Krishna Sai1100BOWD7H---L6W22W17W103.51111834.5
      8Liou, Collin1214ARROYO5W12W20W10L2L43.014.516.51252.5
      9Leong, Evan1046FOX5W30L2W12W11L33.014.515.51046
      10Cottrell, Alexander1041CENTRL6W27W21L8W14L73.011.5121135.5
      11Lu, Thomas889BAYS7W25D16D6L9W223.01112.59.538
      12Cheng, Andrew697FOST4L8W27L9W21W203.01010.5736
      13Chen, Derek641FRANK3L3L17W27W25W193.01010.5630.5
      14Kostrub, Anders891CIPRI6W31L3W29L10W243.09.510933
      15Gong, Jared844FOX5W29L4W21D6L52.5913.5941.5
      16Regan, Elliott1078LAUREL5W24D11L5W23L62.58.514940
      17Vyas, Pranav497FOST5L20W13W28L7D182.57.5127.533
      18Cottrell, Nicholas754ARROYO4L1W26L20W30D172.56.5126.536
      19Dara, Anish904KIDS4W26L1W24L4L132.01115.5841.5
      20Yuryev, Jacob969FOX5W17L8W18L3L122.01115845
      21Kothari, Jay599BRITT2W23L10L15L12W292.0811634
      22Tuimavave, Isaia623SCCLC6L4W31L7W29L112.07.511.5634
      23Gong, Nathan1069RALST8L21L5W26L16W312.0710.5429.5
      24Kodige, Samay629ARROYO4L16W25L19W28L142.0710633
      25Abraham, Zayne383FOST5L11L24B---L13W302.069324.5
      26Bobba, Sid492FOST5L19L18L23W27W282.05.58322.5
      27Abraham, Zion567BOWD8L10L12L13L26B---1.0811027
      28Agarwal, Avirral818RALST6L2W30L17L24L261.07.512434
      29Golomb, David161HEAT2L15B---L14L22L211.06.59.5330
      30Golomb, Stanley577HEAT4L9L28W31L18L251.05.58.5324.5
      31Itami-wolf, Kenta412NOTRE1L14L22L30B---L231.058122

      Wednesday, March 15, 2017

      April 2017 Peninsula Chess League Tournament

      The next Peninsula Chess League tournament will be held on Friday, April 21st, 2017.  This a team-oriented event open to grade K-8 kids who live in the San Francisco Peninsula.

      This will be an individual Swiss tournament with 5 sections, but trophies will be awarded based on team performance.


      • Date:  Friday, April 21st, 2017
      • Time:  6:30-9:00pm
      • Location:  Belmont Public Library
      • Pre-registration is required (
      • There will be 5 sections:
        • USCF advanced section (approx rating 800-1200)
        • USCF intermediate section (approx rating 400-800)
        • USCF beginner section (approx rated under 400)
        • Unrated 4th-8th grade
        • Unrated K-3rd grade
      • Each section will have about 15-20 players.
      • All games in the USCF sections will be USCF Quick-Rated.
      • Time control for USCF sections:  G/15; d3 (game in 15 minutes with a 3 second delay)
      • Time control for unrated sections:  G/18 (no delay)
      • Each player will play 3 games.
      • Individual Swiss format, except players are guaranteed not to play against other players from their school.
      • Round times:  6:45pm, 7:25pm, 8:15pm.  Trophies:  8:55pm
      • Players must play for the school they currently attend, except 5th graders (and below) may play for their elementary school alma mater
      • Trophies will mainly be distributed based on team performance.  Limited individual trophies will be available.  See below for details.
      • Your team has a better chance of winning trophies if your team has more players, so encourage your classmates to register.
      • Players who score a perfect 3.0 in the K-3 unrated section will be asked to play in the 4th-8th grade section in the next tournament.  Players who score a perfect 3.0 in the 4th-8th grade unrated section will be asked to join the USCF for the next tournament.

      Team Scoring

      Scoring subject to change based on number of sections, but scoring will be something like this for team trophy purposes:
      • USCF advanced section:  42 points per win (21 points per draw).  Expected rating range for section:  800 - 1200 (may be modified to balance sections)
      • USCF intermediate section:  38 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  400-800 (may be modified to balance sections)
      • USCF beginner section:  34 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  under 400 (may be modified to balance sections)
      • Unrated 4th-8th grade:  28 points per win
      • Unrated K-3rd grade:  24 points per win
      • USCF members must play in USCF section (exceptions may be made for players rated under 200).
      • Non-members may play in unrated sections, or become members to play in USCF rated sections.  Sign up for USCF membership here (memberships start at $17 per year).
      • Unrated USCF members will be placed in an appropriate USCF section (TD discretion).
      • Rated USCF members may not play below their section, but can optionally play in a higher section even if they are lower-rated.  Exception:  provisionally-rated USCF members may be placed in lower rated section at TD's discretion.
      • The latest USCF Quick Ratings will be used for section and pairing purposes.


      Team scores are based on the combined scores of the top players on that team.  Trophies awarded:
      • Best Super team (6 players)
      • Best Large team (5 players)
      • Best Standard team (4 players)
      • Best Small team (3 players)
      • Best Mini team (2 players)
      • To qualify for a team trophy, a team *must* have at least the required number of players.
      • Only the top scoring players on the team get a trophy (i.e., for a standard team, only the top 4 get trophies; ties broken by tie-breaks).
      • A team cannot win more than 1 trophy.  e.g., a team winning the Large team trophy is disallowed from winning the Standard team trophy.
      • There will be trophies for individual players with perfect 3.0 scores, but only to those who didn't already win a team trophy (an individual can't win two trophies).
      Example:  Team A has 6 players, with point totals of 126, 102, 85, 75, 66, and 55, so their 6-player total is 509 and 5-player total is 454.  Team B has 6 players, with point totals of 105, 102, 90, 60, 45, 34, so their 6-player total is 436, and 5-player total is 402.  Then Team A wins the 6-player team trophies, and Team B wins the 5-player team trophies (since their 5-player total is best of the remaining teams).

      Saturday, January 21, 2017

      January 2017 PCL Results

      The January 2017 Peninsula Chess League tournament was held on Friday, January 20th.  This was a 3-round event, time control G/15; d3 for the USCF sections, and G/18 for the unrated sections.  The tournament was run as an individual Swiss tournament with 5 sections (3 USCF-rated, 2 unrated).  91 kids from 26 different schools participated.

      Here is the USCF Rating Report.

      Winning teams:

      1st place, Super Team (6 players):  Brewer Island
      1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Arroyo/Central Middle
      1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Ralston Middle School
      1st Place, Small Team (3 players);  Fox
      1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Peninsula Liberty Academy

      Players with perfect 3.0 scores:  Ethan Cartagena (PLA), Anish Mathan (El Carmelo), Vishal Dandamudi (Brewer Island), Avirral Agarwal (Ralston Middle), Julian Ward (Arroyo/Central Middle), Anders Kostrub (Ralston Middle), Evelyn Su (Brewer Island), and Akshita Bisht (Brewer Island), Orion Gurskis (Central Elementary), Shrisha Dandamudi (Brewer Island), Aravind Acharya (Foster City), and Michael Fowler (Central Elementary).

      Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

        Team Size 6 Standings
        Brewer Island500
        Arroyo/Central Middle447
        Ralston Middle362

        Brewer IslandVishal DandamudiSection 23.0114
        Brewer IslandEvelyn SuSection 43.084
        Brewer IslandAkshita BishtSection 43.084
        Brewer IslandAnkit MuppalaSection 22.076
        Brewer IslandShrisha DandamudiSection 53.072
        Brewer IslandArush BishtSection 42.570
        Brewer IslandNeil BhatkhandeSection 32.068
        Brewer IslandSuraj YarrapathruniSection 42.056
        Brewer IslandAlan SuSection 42.056
        Brewer IslandAkshay AnandhSection 42.056
        Brewer IslandNeeharika KumarSection 52.048
        Brewer IslandSumedha ChikkerurSection 41.542
        Brewer IslandAbhijith AravindSection 11.042
        Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 31.034
        Brewer IslandVarsha MuppalaSection 51.024
        Brewer IslandPrakruthi RadhakrishnanSection 51.024
        Brewer IslandManav EjjalaghattaSection 40.00
        Brewer IslandAashika AnandhSection 50.00

        Team Size 5 Standings
        Brewer Island430
        Arroyo/Central Middle409
        Ralston Middle334

        Arroyo/Central MiddleJulian WardSection 33.0102
        Arroyo/Central MiddleCollin LiouSection 12.084
        Arroyo/Central MiddleAlexander CottrellSection 12.084
        Arroyo/Central MiddleNicholas CottrellSection 22.076
        Arroyo/Central MiddleKeenan LiouSection 11.563
        Arroyo/Central MiddleAlex DilsSection 21.038
        Arroyo/Central MiddleZachary TysonSection 21.038
        Arroyo/Central MiddleAkash DevalcheruvuSection 31.034
        Arroyo/Central MiddleCade MillerSection 40.00

        Team Size 4 Standings
        Brewer Island358
        Arroyo/Central Middle346
        Ralston Middle296
        Central Elementary268

        Ralston MiddleAvirral AgarwalSection 23.0114
        Ralston MiddleAnders KostrubSection 33.0102
        Ralston MiddleNathan GongSection 11.042
        Ralston MiddleMikael ChengSection 21.038
        Ralston MiddleAidan LiSection 21.038
        Ralston MiddleAidan GurskisSection 41.028

        Team Size 3 Standings
        Brewer Island282
        Arroyo/Central Middle270
        Ralston Middle258
        Central Elementary212
        College Park200
        Kids Connection134
        Bowditch Middle63

        FoxEvan LeongSection 12.084
        FoxRyan LeeSection 32.068
        FoxErick ChengSection 32.068
        FoxMak BoonyapornnadSection 52.048
        FoxJustin WongSection 52.048
        FoxJacob YuryevSection 11.042
        FoxJared GongSection 21.038
        FoxSkyler PetersonSection 21.038
        FoxEthan LiSection 31.034
        FoxErik LeongSection 31.034
        FoxKara KimSection 30.517
        FoxAddya AgarwalSection 50.512

        Team Size 2 Standings
        Ralston Middle216
        Brewer Island198
        Arroyo/Central Middle186
        Peninsula Liberty Academy164
        College Park144
        Central Elementary144
        El Carmelo138
        Alto International124
        Kids Connection110
        Tierra Linda105
        Foster City96
        Foster City Elementary84
        Bowditch Middle63

        Peninsula Liberty AcademyEthan CartagenaSection 13.0126
        Peninsula Liberty AcademyCaden CartagenaSection 21.038

        Tierra LindaAlan FinkelsteinSection 12.084
        Tierra LindaAdam ZweigerSection 10.521

        BaysideTristan LiuSection 11.563
        BaysideRohan KumarSection 10.00

        LaurelElliott ReganSection 11.042

        WoodlandAdam BederovSection 12.084
        WoodlandNathan BederovSection 21.038

        Foster City ElementaryAlex ZhaoSection 12.084
        Foster City ElementaryZayne AbrahamSection 30.00

        Bowditch MiddleSri Krishna Sai VelichetiSection 11.563
        Bowditch MiddleDesmond ChuaSection 40.00
        Bowditch MiddleZion AbrahamSection 20.00

        Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 22.076
        Kids ConnectionMannansh NayyarSection 31.034
        Kids ConnectionAnika DaraSection 51.024

        College ParkTrevor YaoSection 22.076
        College ParkTrent YaoSection 32.068
        College ParkDylan ChuaSection 42.056

        Alto InternationalNiko NachbarSection 22.076
        Alto InternationalYaarah TehraniSection 52.048

        El CarmeloAnish MathanSection 23.0114
        El CarmeloKavya MathanSection 51.024

        SCCLCIsaia TuimavaveSection 20.00

        CiprianiIshaan AradhyeSection 21.038
        CiprianiMitchell FeldmanSection 41.028
        CiprianiNathan FeldmanSection 51.024
        CiprianiRobbie FeldmanSection 50.512
        CiprianiRhodes KostrubSection 40.00

        BaywoodCamden BaxterSection 31.034
        BaywoodCalvin BaxterSection 30.517

        ArundelBaron EdwardsSection 32.068

        Notre DameKenta Itami-WolfSection 32.068

        Central ElementaryOrion GurskisSection 53.072
        Central ElementaryMichael FowlerSection 53.072
        Central ElementaryEverett KeningerSection 32.068
        Central ElementaryAeron GurskisSection 42.056

        NesbitKian BaheriSection 41.028

        Borel MiddleLogan WallSection 42.056

        AudubonChristian SalamancaSection 50.00

        HeatherNirav AdavikolanuSection 52.048
        HeatherOlive BurtonSection 52.048
        HeatherCooper BurtonSection 52.048

        Foster CityAravind AcharyaSection 53.072
        Foster CityAnanya AcharyaSection 51.024
      Individual results:

      Section 1 (USCF-rated 888-1371)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Ethan Cartagena13718Peninsula Liberty AcademyW13W11W23.
      2Alan Finkelstein11766Tierra LindaW16W4L12.
      3Alex Zhao11194Foster City ElementaryL11W13W62.
      4Adam Bederov9288WoodlandW7L2W82.
      5Collin Liou12165Arroyo/Central MiddleD10W15D92.
      6Alexander Cottrell9906Arroyo/Central MiddleW14W12L32.0-
      7Evan Leong10955FoxL4W16W112.0-
      8Keenan Liou11227Arroyo/Central MiddleD15W10L41.
      9Tristan Liu10947BaysideL12W14D51.
      10Sri Krishna Sai Velicheti10757Bowditch MiddleD5L8W121.5-
      11Abhijith Aravind945 P155Brewer IslandW3L1L71.
      12Jacob Yuryev8885FoxW9L6L101.
      13Nathan Gong10808Ralston MiddleL1L3W161.
      14Elliott Regan11205LaurelL6L9W151.
      15Adam Zweiger10306Tierra LindaD8L5L140.
      16Rohan Kumar10647BaysideL2L7L130.

      Section 2 (USCF-rated 567 - 820)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Anish Mathan6972El CarmeloW13W7W53.
      2Vishal Dandamudi6255Brewer IslandW10W12W43.
      3Avirral Agarwal6186Ralston MiddleW6W16W93.
      4Trevor Yao759 P53College ParkX18W8L22.
      5Anish Dara7604Kids ConnectionW15W9L12.
      6Ankit Muppala723 P65Brewer IslandL3W11W132.
      7Niko Nachbar621 P83Alto InternationalB-L1W102.
      8Nicholas Cottrell6834Arroyo/Central MiddleW11L4W142.0-
      9Alex Dils664 P94Arroyo/Central MiddleW14L5L31.
      10Mikael Cheng7596Ralston MiddleL2W17L71.
      11Jared Gong7945FoxL8L6W121.
      12Zachary Tyson7145Arroyo/Central MiddleW17L2L111.
      13Aidan Li5897Ralston MiddleL1B-L61.
      14Caden Cartagena820 P123Peninsula Liberty AcademyL9W15L81.
      15Skyler Peterson6644FoxL5L14W161.
      16Nathan Bederov6843WoodlandX19L3L151.0-
      17Ishaan Aradhye5933CiprianiL12L10B-1.0-
      18Isaia Tuimavave6236SCCLCF4U-U-
      19Zion Abraham5678Bowditch MiddleF16U-U-

      Section 3 (USCF-rated under 526)

      PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Julian Ward270 P37Arroyo/Central MiddleW10W5W73.
      2Anders Kostrub100 P06Ralston MiddleW12W6W33.
      3Neil Bhatkhande278 P162Brewer IslandW8W4L22.
      4Everett Keninger100 P02Central ElementaryW9L3W122.
      5Ryan Lee442 P232FoxW15L1W142.
      6Baron Edwards305 P32ArundelW11L2W162.
      7Kenta Itami-Wolf100 P01Notre DameX18W13L12.
      8Trent Yao525 P35College ParkL3W16W102.0-
      9Erick Cheng437 P33FoxL4W11W172.0-
      10Ethan Li4865FoxL1W15L81.
      11Trisha Sabadra5174Brewer IslandL6L9W131.
      12Mannansh Nayyar4514Kids ConnectionL2W17L41.
      13Erik Leong3182FoxW14L7L111.
      14Camden Baxter100 P03BaywoodL13B-L51.0-
      15Akash Devalcheruvu100 P36Arroyo/Central MiddleL5L10B-1.0-
      16Kara Kim334 P24FoxD17L8L60.
      17Calvin Baxter100 P03BaywoodD16L12L90.
      18Zayne Abraham3835Foster City ElementaryF7U-U-

      Section 4 (Unrated 4-8)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Evelyn Su5Brewer IslandW6W12W53.
      2Akshita Bisht4Brewer IslandX16W14W43.
      3Arush Bisht5Brewer IslandW11D10W122.
      4Aeron Gurskis2Central ElementaryW9W8L22.
      5Logan Wall6Borel MiddleW15W7L12.
      6Dylan Chua3College ParkL1B-W102.
      7Suraj Yarrapathruni5Brewer IslandX17L5W112.0-
      8Alan Su3Brewer IslandB-L4W152.0-
      9Akshay Anandh5Brewer IslandL4W15W142.0-
      10Sumedha Chikkerur5Brewer IslandW13D3L61.
      11Kian Baheri3NesbitL3W13L71.
      12Aidan Gurskis6Ralston MiddleW14L1L31.
      13Mitchell Feldman4CiprianiL10L11B-1.0-
      14Manav Ejjalaghatta4Brewer IslandL12L2L90.
      15Rhodes Kostrub4CiprianiL5L9L80.
      16Desmond Chua6Bowditch MiddleF2U-U-
      17Cade Miller4Arroyo/Central MiddleF7U-U-

      Section 5 (Unrated K-3)

      PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
      1Orion Gurskis2Central ElementaryW12W19W93.
      2Shrisha Dandamudi3Brewer IslandW15W18W73.
      3Aravind Acharya2Foster CityW13W20W53.
      4Michael FowlerKCentral ElementaryW20W14W63.
      5Yaarah Tehrani3Alto InternationalW21W8L32.
      6Mak Boonyapornnad2FoxW10W21L42.
      7Nirav Adavikolanu2HeatherW14W15L22.
      8Olive Burton3HeatherW11L5W122.
      9Cooper Burton1HeatherW18W13L12.
      10Neeharika Kumar3Brewer IslandL6W17W162.0-
      11Justin Wong2FoxL8W16W172.0-
      12Varsha Muppala1Brewer IslandL1B-L81.
      13Prakruthi Radhakrishnan1Brewer IslandL3L9W201.
      14Anika Dara1Kids ConnectionL7L4B-
      15Kavya Mathan1El CarmeloL2L7W211.
      16Nathan Feldman1CiprianiW19L11L101.
      17Ananya AcharyaKFoster CityB-L10L111.
      18Robbie Feldman2CiprianiL9L2D190.
      19Addya Agarwal2FoxL16L1D180.
      20Christian Salamanca2AudubonL4L3L130.
      21Aashika Anandh2Brewer IslandL5L6L150.