Saturday, May 9, 2015

May Peninsula Chess League Results

The Peninsula Chess League tournament was held on Friday, May 8th, 2015.  This was a 3-round team event, time control G/18, run as an individual swiss tournament with 6 sections (three USCF-rated, three unrated).  77 kids from 18 different schools participated.

USCF Rating Report

Winning teams:

1st Place, Super Team (6 players):  Brittan Acres
1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Foster City Elementary
1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Brewer Island
1st Place, Small Team (3 players):  Fox
1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Woodland

Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

Team Size 6 Standings
Brittan Acres516
Foster City Elementary500
Brewer Island414
Bowditch Middle238

Brittan AcresZachary TysonSection 23.0114
Brittan AcresAlexander CottrellSection 23.0114
Brittan AcresAkash DevalcheruvuSection 53.078
Brittan AcresAriane YedidiaSection 22.076
Brittan AcresSamay KodigeSection 32.068
Brittan AcresJason KothariSection 63.066
Brittan AcresEthan BaeSection 52.052
Brittan AcresJackson BaeSection 52.052
Brittan AcresVevaan KodigeSection 62.044
Brittan AcresCollin LiouSection 11.042
Brittan AcresCairo PadillaSection 61.022
Brittan AcresKeenan LiouSection 10.521
Brittan AcresNicholas CottrellSection 20.00

Team Size 5 Standings
Foster City Elementary474
Brittan Acres450
Brewer Island380
College Park298
Bowditch Middle238

Foster City ElementaryAlex JiangSection 13.0126
Foster City ElementaryTejas MaheshSection 13.0126
Foster City ElementaryZayne AbrahamSection 33.0102
Foster City ElementaryPallavi BadriSection 32.068
Foster City ElementaryMahitha BallijepalliSection 52.052
Foster City ElementaryKaushal NamuduriSection 51.026
Foster City ElementaryPranav KotamrajuSection 51.026
Foster City ElementaryKavya AkellaSection 51.026
Foster City ElementarySai BolisettySection 61.022
Foster City ElementaryAlbert ZhengSection 10.521
Foster City ElementaryMaahika SamudralaSection 50.513
Foster City ElementaryAdhya MaheshSection 60.00

Team Size 4 Standings
Foster City Elementary422
Brittan Acres382
Brewer Island328
College Park256
Bowditch Middle208

Brewer IslandSiddharth RadhakrishnanSection 12.084
Brewer IslandBryant MaSection 12.084
Brewer IslandAndrew MaSection 12.084
Brewer IslandAdam FarrisSection 22.076
Brewer IslandKritvi KapoorSection 52.052
Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 31.034
Brewer IslandNicholas ThrogmortonSection 41.030
Brewer IslandParth KhannaSection 50.00
Brewer IslandNeeharika KumarSection 30.00

Team Size 3 Standings
Foster City Elementary354
Brittan Acres306
Brewer Island252
College Park196
Bowditch Middle170
Ralston Middle76

FoxVikram ValameSection 22.595
FoxSkyler PetersonSection 63.066
FoxMikael ChengSection 52.052
FoxJohnny LynchSection 62.044
FoxEvan LeongSection 11.042
FoxJared GongSection 11.042
FoxAidan LiSection 21.038
FoxRussell KimSection 21.038
FoxEthan LiSection 31.034
FoxErik LeongSection 61.022
FoxViktoriia PelevinaSection 30.00
FoxAustin LiSection 20.00
FoxAvirral AgarwalSection 40.00
FoxDaniil PelevinSection 30.00

Team Size 2 Standings
Foster City Elementary252
Brittan Acres228
Brewer Island168
College Park136
Bowditch Middle125
Ralston Middle76

WoodlandAdam BederovSection 12.084
WoodlandNathan BederovSection 32.068

Other teams

Ralston MiddleIsaac BraunsteinSection 21.038
Ralston MiddleDarren YaoSection 21.038
Ralston MiddleNathan GongSection 10.00

LaurelElliott ReganSection 12.084

College ParkTristan LiuSection 22.076
College ParkTrevor YaoSection 42.060
College ParkAyman Ahmed KhanSection 42.060
College ParkTrent YaoSection 42.060
College ParkRohan KumarSection 11.042

Bowditch MiddleAneek PatilSection 32.068
Bowditch MiddleZachary AbrahamSection 21.557
Bowditch MiddleKarthik AkellaSection 41.545
Bowditch MiddleZion AbrahamSection 21.038
Bowditch MiddleVedant YerolkarSection 41.030
Bowditch MiddleKrish ChaudharySection 30.00

NesbitTobias SinSection 31.551
NesbitKian BaheriSection 31.034

Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 33.0102

HeatherVivian HarrisSection 31.551

BaywoodChenrui ZhangSection 42.575
BaywoodFrancois PrestaSection 30.00

Bayside STEMAaron KangSection 40.00

AudubonAnsh ChaudharySection 41.030

ArundelAdam ZweigerSection 43.090

SandpiperAdrian FrySection 51.539
SandpiperEmma FrySection 60.00

SCCLCMeasure FamaSection 62.044

Individual results:

Section 1 (USCF-rated 790-1117)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Alex Jiang11172Foster City ElementaryW6W9W53.
2Tejas Mahesh9244Foster City ElementaryW10W8W33.
3Siddharth Radhakrishnan10994Brewer IslandW12W4L22.
4Adam Bederov813 P136WoodlandW7L3W132.
5Elliott Regan7903LaurelW14W10L12.
6Bryant Ma9592Brewer IslandL1W14W82.
7Andrew Ma10052Brewer IslandL4W12W92.0-
8Evan Leong10193FoxW11L2L61.
9Jared Gong7973FoxW13L1L71.
10Collin Liou1101 P93Brittan AcresL2L5W141.
11Rohan Kumar8205College ParkL8D13D121.0-
12Keenan Liou912 P95Brittan AcresL3L7D110.
13Albert Zheng9894Foster City ElementaryL9D11L40.
14Nathan Gong9806Ralston MiddleL5L6L100.

Section 2 (USCF-rated 359-739)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Zachary Tyson359 P93Brittan AcresW5W10W93.
2Alexander Cottrell620 P124Brittan AcresW11W8W73.
3Vikram Valame579 P194FoxW13D7W42.
4Ariane Yedidia7243Brittan AcresW9W6L32.
5Adam Farris813 P15Brewer IslandL1W11W122.
6Tristan Liu477 P35College ParkW10L4W82.0-
7Zachary Abraham7318Bowditch MiddleX14D3L21.
8Aidan Li739 P145FoxW12L2L61.
9Russell Kim549 P34FoxL4W13L11.
10Isaac Braunstein6077Ralston MiddleL6L1W131.
11Darren Yao491 P36Ralston MiddleL2L5B-
12Zion Abraham4216Bowditch MiddleL8B-L51.0-
13Nicholas Cottrell702 P62Brittan AcresL3L9L100.
14Austin Li564 P44FoxF7U-U-

Section 3 (USCF-rated under 359)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Anish Dara315 P112Kids ConnectionW4W5W33.
2Zayne Abraham3363Foster City ElementaryX13W9W73.
3Pallavi Badri992 P15Foster City ElementaryW10W6L12.
4Aneek Patil243 P86Bowditch MiddleL1W10W82.
5Nathan Bederov358 P31WoodlandX15L1W112.
6Samay Kodigeunrated2Brittan AcresX14L3W92.0-
7Vivian Harris268 P11HeatherD8W11L21.
8Tobias Sinunrated2NesbitD7W12L41.
9Trisha Sabadra575 P22Brewer IslandW12L2L61.
10Ethan Li164 P123FoxL3L4W121.
11Kian Baheriunrated1NesbitX16L7L51.
12Francois Prestaunrated3BaywoodL9L8L100.
13Neeharika Kumar100 P21Brewer IslandF2U-U-
14Krish Chaudhary330 P56Bowditch MiddleF6U-U-
15Viktoriia Pelevina207 P84FoxF5U-U-
16Daniil Pelevin321 P135FoxF11U-U-

Section 4 (unrated intermediate)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Adam Zweiger4ArundelW9W4W33.
2Chenrui Zhang4BaywoodW5D6W72.
3Trevor Yao1College ParkW7W8L12.
4Ayman Ahmed Khan4College ParkW10L1W62.
5Trent Yao3College ParkL2W10W82.
6Karthik Akella8Bowditch MiddleX11D2L41.
7Nicholas Throgmorton3Brewer IslandL3W9L21.
8Ansh Chaudhary1AudubonB-L3L51.
9Vedant Yerolkar6Bowditch MiddleL1L7W101.0-
10Aaron Kang6Bayside STEML4L5L90.
11Avirral Agarwal4FoxF6U-U-

Section 5 (unrated beginner 3rd-5th grade)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Akash Devalcheruvu4Brittan AcresW11W8W33.
2Ethan Bae4Brittan AcresL8W10W52.
3Kritvi Kapoor5Brewer IslandW9W7L12.
4Jackson Bae4Brittan AcresW6L5W82.
5Mahitha Ballijepalli3Foster City ElementaryW12W4L22.
6Mikael Cheng4FoxL4W11W92.0-
7Adrian Fry3SandpiperW10L3D111.
8Kaushal Namuduri3Foster City ElementaryW2L1L41.
9Pranav Kotamraju3Foster City ElementaryL3W12L61.
10Kavya Akella4Foster City ElementaryL7L2W121.
11Maahika Samudrala4Foster City ElementaryL1L6D70.
12Parth Khanna5Brewer IslandL5L9L100.

Section 6 (unrated beginner K-2nd grade)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Skyler Peterson2FoxW7W4W33.
2Jason KothariKBrittan AcresW8W6W93.
3Measure Fama2SCCLCW6W5L12.
4Vevaan KodigeKBrittan AcresW9L1W102.
5Johnny Lynch2FoxW10L3W72.0-
6Erik LeongKFoxL3L2W81.
7Cairo Padilla1Brittan AcresL1W10L51.
8Sai Bolisetty2Foster City ElementaryL2W9L61.0-
9Emma Fry1SandpiperL4L8L20.
10Adhya MaheshKFoster City ElementaryL5L7L40.