Friday, December 19, 2014

January 2015 Peninsula Chess League Tournament

The next Peninsula Chess League tournament will be held on Friday, January 30th, 2015.  Once again, this is a team-oriented event.

This will be an individual Swiss tournament with at least 4 sections, but trophies will be awarded based on team performance.


  • Date:  Friday, January 30th, 2015
  • Time:  7-9pm
  • Location:  Belmont Public Library
  • Pre-registration is required:
  • There will be at least 4 sections:
    • USCF advanced section (approx rating 700-1200)
    • USCF beginner section (approx rated under 700)
    • Unrated intermediate
    • Unrated beginner
  • Each section will have about 12 - 20 players.
  • All games in the USCF sections will be USCF Quick-Rated.
  • Time control for all games:  G/18 (no delay)
  • Each player will play 3 games.
  • Individual Swiss format, except players are guaranteed not to play against other players from their school.
  • Round times:  7:00pm, 7:40pm, 8:15pm.  Trophies:  8:50pm
  • Players must play for the school they currently attend, except 5th graders (and below) may play for their elementary school alma mater

Team Scoring

Scoring subject to change based on number of sections, but scoring will be something like this for team trophy purposes:
  • USCF section 1:  42 points per win (21 points per draw).  Expected rating range for section:  700 - 1200 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • USCF section 2:  34 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  under 700 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • Unrated Intermediate:  30 points per win
  • Unrated Beginner:  22 points per win
  • USCF members must play in USCF section.
  • Non-members may play in unrated sections, or become members to play in USCF rated sections.  Sign up for USCF membership here (memberships start at $17 per year).
  • Unrated USCF members may play in either USCF section (player's choice).
  • Rated USCF members may not play below their section, but can optionally play in the higher section even if they are lower-rated.  Exception:  provisionally-rated USCF members may be placed in lower rated section at TD's discretion.
  • USCF Quick Ratings will be used for section and pairing purposes.


Team scores are based on the combined scores of the top players on that team.  Trophies awarded:
  • Best Super team (6 players)
  • Best Large team (5 players)
  • Best Standard team (4 players)
  • Best Small team (3 players)
  • Best Mini team (2 players)
  • To qualify for a team trophy, a team *must* have at least the required number of players.
  • Only the top scoring players on the team get a trophy (i.e., for a standard team, only the top 4 get trophies; ties broken by tie-breaks).
  • A team cannot win more than 1 trophy.  e.g., a team winning the Large team trophy is disallowed from winning the Standard team trophy.
  • There will be trophies for individual players with perfect 3.0 scores, but only to those who didn't already win a team trophy (you can't win two trophies).
Example:  Team A has 6 players, with point totals of 126, 102, 85, 75, 66, and 55, so their 6-player total is 509 and 5-player total is 454.  Team B has 6 players, with point totals of 105, 102, 90, 60, 45, 34, so their 6-player total is 436, and 5-player total is 402.  Then Team A wins the 6-player team trophies, and Team B wins the 5-player team trophies (since their 5-player total is best of the remaining teams).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Peninsula Chess - December Blitz

Last night we held a small round-robin blitz tournament. Here are the USCF results:

Here are the complete results (including unrated section):

Section 1 (USCF-rated) - Standings after round 5

1Elliott Regan 836 3Laurel
2Daniel Lin 1019 2Heather1
3Nathan Gong 1026 6Ralston01
4Aidan Li 814 5Fox001
5Ethan Cartagenaunrated 6Home00.501
6Jared Gong 795 3Fox00001

Section 2 (USCF-rated) - Standings after round 5

1Billy Picht 379 5Fox
2Fionn Kimber O'Shea 223 4St. Catherine of Sienna1
3Ethan Li 106 3Fox11
4Isaac Braunstein 513 7Ralston011
5Jacob Yuryev 502 3Fox0011
6Austin Li (no-show) 606 5Fox00000

Section 3 (unrated) - Standings after round 5

1 Trevor Yao 1College Park
2 Trent Yao 3College Park0
3 Anish Reddy 2Kids Connection00
4 Adam Zweiger 4Arundel100
5 Zachary Tyson 3Brittan Acres0000
6 Alina Chen 3Brewer Island00000

Standings Explained

Friday, December 12, 2014

Peninsula Chess League - Fall 2014 Results

College Park is the winner of the Fall 2014 Peninsula Chess League tournament (held September 19th and December 12th). Here are the final standings:

PlaceNameRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(GP)TB(C)TB(CO)
1 College Park 765W16W6D2W73.
2 Brewer Island 679W7W5D1D33.
3Brittan Acres 1 700W10D9W4D23.
4 Foster City 635W8W14L3D52.
5 Ralston Middle 617W12L2W10D42.
6 Fox 1 691W15L1W11D92.
7 Free Agents 2 396L2W12W9L12.
8Brittan Acres 2 262L4L11W13W152.
9 Free Agents 1 492W13D3L7D62.0-
10 Arundel 402L3W15L5D111.
11 Sandpiper 262L14W8L6D101.
12 Fox 2 443L5L7D15D131.
13 Free Agents 3 425L9D16L8D121.
14 SCCLC 587W11L4--
15 Baywood 416L6L10D12L80.
16Notre Dame Elementary 407L1D13--

Round 1 Results
College Park4.0Notre Dame Elementary0.0
Brewer Island2.5Free Agents 21.5
Brittan Acres 14.0Arundel0.0
Foster City3.5Brittan Acres 20.5
Ralston Middle3.5Fox 20.5
Fox 13.0Baywood1.0
Free Agents 13.0Free Agents 31.0

Round 2 Results
College Park3.5Fox 10.5
Brewer Island3.0Ralston Middle1.0
Foster City3.0SCCLC1.0
Free Agents 23.0Fox 21.0
Free Agents 12.0Brittan Acres 12.0
Sandpiper3.0Brittan Acres 21.0
Notre Dame Elementary2.0Free Agents 32.0

Round 3 Results
College Park2.0Brewer Island2.0
Brittan Acres 13.0Foster City1.0
Ralston Middle4.0Arundel0.0
Fox 14.0Sandpiper0.0
Free Agents 22.5Free Agents 11.5
Brittan Acres 23.0Free Agents 31.0
Fox 22.0Baywood2.0

Round 4 Results
College Park4.0Free Agents 20.0
Brittan Acres 12.0Brewer Island2.0
Ralston Middle2.0Foster City2.0
Brittan Acres 23.0Baywood1.0
Free Agents 12.0Fox 12.0
Free Agents 32.0Fox 22.0
Team Tournament - Team Rosters (December 12th)

SeedNameBoard 1Board 2Board 3Board 4Rating Avg
1 College ParkFelix Liu (992)David Yang (1116)Rohan Kumar (642) Trent Yao (G3) 765
2Brittan Acres 1Collin Liou (G3)Ariane Yedidia (733)Keenan Liou (G5)Aiden Deffner (G4) 700
3 Fox 1Evan Leong (970)Jared Gong (795) Aidan Li (814)Daniil Pelevin (321) 691
4 Brewer IslandBryant Ma (1060)Andrew Ma (896)Ethan Cheng (784)Kritvi Kapoor (G5) 679
5 Foster CityAlex Jiang (1138)Albert Zheng (955)Zayne Abraham (380)Measure Fama (G2) 635
6 Ralston MiddleNathan Gong (1026)Aaron Tung (594)Isaac Braunstein (513)Darren Yao (G6) 617
7 Free Agents 1Daniel Lin (1019)Adam Bederov (G6)Trevor Yao (G1)Nathan Bederov (G1) 492
8 Fox 2Vikram Valame (598)Miles Oetzel (364)Austin Li (606)Viktoriia Pelevina (207) 443
9 Free Agents 3Isaia Tuimavave (547)Aaron Kang (G6)Zachary Tyson (G3)Neeharika Kumar (G1) 425
10 BaywoodEthan Martin (G5)Daniel Voyles (G5)Chenrui Zhang (617)Harrison Silva (G5) 416
11 ArundelFinn Grenstam (710)Anish Reddy (G2)Esme Grenstam (G5)Somya Singh (G3) 402
12 Free Agents 2Elliott Regan (836)Fionn Kimber O'Shea (223)Noah Kissane (G3) Ethan Li (106) 396
13Brittan Acres 2Alexander Cotrell (G4)Sagan McLellan (G4)Nicholas Cotrell (G2)Cairo Padilla (G1) 262
14 SandpiperTristan Liu (G5)Sushant Bhopale (G3)Arin Kadakia (G3)Supriti Bhopale (G2) 262

Note: Free Agents 3 = team formerly known as Bayside STEM Middle

Team Rosters (September 19th)

SeedNameBoard 1Board 2Board 3Board 4Rating Avg
1 College ParkFelix Liu (1062)David Yang (1028)Rohan Kumar (718) Trent Yao (G3) 802
2Brittan Acres 1Collin Liou (G3)Ariane Yedidia (508)Keenan Liou (G5)Aiden Deffner (G4) 700
3 Fox 1Evan Leong (859)Jared Gong (662) Aidan Li (887)Daniil Pelevin (321) 630
4 Brewer IslandBryant Ma (856)Andrew Ma (755)Ethan Cheng (411)Kritvi Kapoor (G5) 593
5 Ralston MiddleNathan Gong (769)Aaron Tung (594)Isaac Braunstein (322)Darren Yao (G6) 553
6 Foster CityAlbert Zheng (914)Alex Jiang (745)Zayne Abraham (177)Measure Fama (G2) 527
7Bayside STEM MiddleAmit Singh (1100)Zion Abraham (429)Aaron Kang (G6)Neeharika Kumar (G1) 519
8 SCCLCIsaia Tuimavave (990)Jonas Roodman (917)Donovan Truel (G5)Isa Khalak (G4) 487
9Notre Dame ElementaryElliott Regan (733)Audrey Luey (G6)Cailey Murad (G6)Rikako Ono (G6) 483
10 Free Agents 1Daniel Lin (930)Adam Bederov (G6)Trevor Yao (G1)Nathan Bederov (G1) 470
11 ArundelFinn Grenstam (710)Adam Zweiger (G4)Esme Grenstam (G5)Alexandra Kowalczyk (G4) 415
12 BaywoodChenrui Zhang (617)Daniel Voyles (G5)Harrison Silva (G5)Noah Kissane (G3) 391
13 Free Agents 2Ryan Talvola (592)Sean Xiong (358)Fionn Kimber O'Shea (115) Ethan Li (G3) 362
14 Fox 2Vikram Valame (524)Miles Oetzel (376) Austin Li (G4)Viktoriia Pelevina (207) 351
15Brittan Acres 2Sagan McLellan (G4)Zachary Tyson (G3)Anish Reddy (G2)Cairo Padilla (G1) 325
16 Sandpiper Kyle Fong (G5)Sushant Bhopale (G3)Arin Kadakia (G3)Arshan Perwad (G3) 275

Board 1 - Final Standings

PlaceIDNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1 3Felix Liu 992 4College ParkW58W23W19W584.00.05.510.014.022
2 8Daniel Lin 1019 2HeatherW50W22D58W233.
312Alex Jiang 1138 2Foster CityW25W51L22W243.
419Bryant Ma 1060 2Brewer IslandD34W24L3W222.
522Collin Liouunrated 3Brittan AcresW54L8W12L192.
623Evan Leong 970 3FoxW68L3W44L82.
724Nathan Gong 1026 6Ralston MiddleW55L19W54L122.
828Alexander Cotrellunrated 4Brittan Acres--W60W432.
929Amit Singh 1100 7Bayside STEM MiddleW48W58--
1034Ryan Talvola 592 7OdysseyD19W55--
1143Ethan Martinunrated 5Baywood--W55L281.
1244Tristan Liuunrated 5College Park--L23W541.
1350Zion Abraham 429 5Bayside STEM MiddleL8W70--
1454Finn Grenstam 710 2ArundelL22W68L24L441.0-
1555Vikram Valame 598 4FoxL24L34L43W601.0-
1658Elliott Regan 836 3LaurelL3L29D8L30.
1760Isaia Tuimavave 547 4SCCLCD36L4L28L550.

Note: Elliot ended up playing Felix twice because he switched teams.

Board 2 - Final Standings

PlaceIDNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1 2David Yang 1116 4College ParkW70W14W11W404.
2 4Albert Zheng 955 4Foster CityW26W60W47W314.
311Andrew Ma 896 2Brewer IslandW1X31L2W473.
414Jared Gong 795 3FoxW67L2W66W483.
526Sagan McLellanunrated 4Brittan AcresL4L36W53W672.
631Aaron Tung 594 7Ralston MiddleD35F11W37L41.
735Miles Oetzel 364 5FoxD31F1W67L531.
836Kyle Fongunrated 5SandpiperD60W26--
937Anish Reddyunrated 2Kids ConnectionD33L15L31W661.5-
1040Fionn Kimber O'Shea 223 4St. CatherineL10L30W48L21.
1147Ariane Yedidia 733 3Brittan AcresW56L48L4L111.
1248Adam Bederovunrated 6WoodlandL29W47L40L141.
1351Jonas Roodman 917 2SCCLCW66L12--
1453Aaron Kangunrated 6Bayside STEM MiddleL13L42L26W351.0-
1566Sushant Bhopaleunrated 3SandpiperL51L25L14L370.
1667Daniel Voylesunrated 5BaywoodL14L56L35L260.
1770Audrey Lueyunrated 6Notre Dame ElementaryL2L50--

Board 3 - Final Standings

PlaceIDNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1 1Keenan Liouunrated 5Brittan AcresW65W13W33W104.00.07.510.021.022
210Ethan Cheng 784 KBrewer IslandW40W16W20L13.
313Trevor Yaounrated 1College ParkW53L1W59W323.
415Arin Kadakiaunrated 3SandpiperW71W37L32W653.
516Isaac Braunstein 513 3Ralston MiddleW30L10W65W333.0-
620Rohan Kumar 642 5College ParkW42D32L10W592.
721Nicholas Cotrellunrated 2Brittan Acres--W25W682.
825Zachary Tysonunrated 3Brittan AcresL12W66L21W302.
930Austin Li 606 4FoxL16W40W68L252.0-
1032Aidan Li 814 5FoxL7D20W15L131.
1133Zayne Abraham 380 3Foster CityD37W71L1L161.
1242Cailey Muradunrated 6Notre Dame ElementaryL20W53--
1352Arshan Perwadunrated 3SandpiperL27X69--
1459Noah Kissaneunrated 3LaurelL18D64L13L200.
1565Esme Grenstamunrated 5ArundelL1L7L16L150.
1668Chenrui Zhang 617 4BaywoodL23L54L30L210.
1771Donovan Truelunrated 5SCCLCL15L33--

Board 4 - Final Standings

PlaceIDNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1 5Darren Yaounrated 6Ralston MiddleW38W45W49W464.
2 6Aiden Deffnerunrated 4Brittan AcresW64W39W46W454.00.03.510.011.522
3 7Harrison Silvaunrated 5BaywoodW32W65W38W694.00.02.510.04.522
4 9Trent Yaounrated 3College ParkW41W18L45W173.
517Ethan Li 106 3FoxW45W38W39L93.0-
618Daniil Pelevin 321 5FoxW59L9W72W393.0-
727Isa Khalakunrated 4SCCLCW52W46--
838Viktoriia Pelevina 207 4FoxL5L17L7W571.
939Nathan Bederovunrated 1WoodlandW57L6L17L181.
1041Rikako Onounrated 6Notre Dame ElementaryL9W57--
1145Kritvi Kapoorunrated 5Brewer IslandL17L5W9L61.
1246Measure Famaunrated 2Foster CityW69L27L6L51.
1349Somya Singhunrated 3Brewer Island--L5W721.
1456Adam Zweigerunrated 4ArundelL47W67--1.0-
1557Neeharika Kumarunrated 1Brewer IslandL39L41W69L381.0-
1964Alexandra Kowalczykunrated 4ArundelL6D59--
2069Cairo Padillaunrated 1Brittan AcresL46F52L57L70.
2172Supriti Bhopaleunrated 2Sandpiper--L18L490.

Monday, December 1, 2014

2014 Baywood Tournament Results

Here are the results of the 2nd annual Baywood tournament, held November 23rd, 2014.

K-1st Grade

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Trevor Yao10CPARK1W4W5W3W2W9 5.0
2Caden Cartagena10PLA1W13W17W9L1W3 4.0
3Vian Yang10BOAKS1W12W7L1W6L2 3.0
4Charlie Wilcox10BAYW1L1W13W5W10L6 3.0
5Neeharika Kumar10BREW1W11L1L4W16W12 3.0
6Nachiket Mittal10LWISD1D9D14W16L3W4 3.0
7Camden Baxter10BAYW1W15L3D12D9W10 3.0
8Jay Kothari5BRITKD16W10W11U---U--- 2.5
9Jack Leggetter10FOX1D6W16L2D7L1 2.0
10Erik Leong5FOXKW14L8W17L4L7 2.0
11Jack Jermaine10BAYW1L5W15L8D12D14 2.0
12Varun Kotla5BREWKL3B---D7D11L5 2.0
13Kian Baheri10NESB1L2L4D14W17D15 2.0
14Erin Finn10BAYW1L10D6D13D15D11 2.0
15Mari Galstan10MEAD1L7L11B---D14D13 2.0
16George Mirgorodskiy10BAYW1D8L9L6L5D17 1.0
17Calvin Baxter10BAYW1D---L2L10L13D16 1.0

2nd - 3rd Grade

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Collin Liou30BRIT3W12W26W5W7W8 5.0
2Ethan Cheng787BREWKW39W30W19W8W3 5.0
3Evan Leong970FOX3W35W29W9W4L2 4.0
4Aarav Penumarthy30COMM3W31W6W14L3W13 4.0
5Jared Gong795FOX3W34W28L1W11W10 4.0
6Nicholas Cottrell20BRIT2W20L4W28W26W9 4.0
7Manya Kumar20FOST2D29W39W33L1W14 3.5
8Jacob Yuryev502FOX3W22W11W27L2L1 3.0
9Zachary Tyson30BRIT3W16W10L3W12L6 3.0
10Trent Yao30CPARK3W15L9W29W19L5 3.0
11Alex Zhao20FOST2W36L8W18L5W26 3.0
12Zander Rosenzweig20JUAN2L1B---W30L9W28 3.0
13Christopher Chu20BAYW2L30W22W37W15L4 3.0
14Samay Kodige20BRIT2B---W37L4W17L7 3.0
15Ariane Yedidia648BRIT3L10W32W21L13W20 3.0
16Skyler Peterson20FOX2L9L21W39W30W29 3.0
17Prithvi Dixit30SAND3W41L27W24L14W31 3.0
18Max Minkovsky30FOX3W40L19L11W32W27 3.0
19Brandon Wu20CIPR2W38W18L2L10D23 2.5
20Vishal Dandamudi30BREW3L6W23D31W27L15 2.5
21Zain Passi30SAND3L27W16L15D24W32 2.5
22Charl De Villiers30SAND3L8L13W36W40D25 2.5
23Ethan Shen20CPARK2L26L20W41W33D19 2.5
24Naveen Schwarzkopf20BAYW2D37D33L17D21W34 2.5
25Tyler Fernandez20BOAKS2L28D34W40D31D22 2.5
26Ethan Li105FOX3W23L1W35L6L11 2.0
27Joshua Fu20CPARK2W21W17L8L20L18 2.0
28Arin Kadakia30SAND3W25L5L6W35L12 2.0
29Kyle Ko30BAYW3W7L3L10W41L16 2.0
30Arshan Perwad30SAND3W13L2L12L16W37 2.0
31Christopher Nelson20FOX2L4W36D20D25L17 2.0
32Kenzo Lam20BAYW2D33L15W34L18L21 1.5
33Wyatt Yang30BOAKS3D32D24L7L23D35 1.5
34Badri Viswanathan30BREW3L5D25L32W39L24 1.5
35Francois Presta30BAYW3L3W41L26L28D33 1.5
36Ansel Chang30CPARK3L11L31L22D37W40 1.5
37Evelyn Su30BREW3D24L14L13D36L30 1.0
38Taylor Martin30BAYW3L19D40H---U---U--- 1.0
39Evan Hwang30BAYW3L2L7L16L34D41 0.5
40Anthony Lu20BREW2L18D38L25L22L36 0.5
41Michael Helms20BREW2L17L35L23L29D39 0.5

4th - 5th Grade

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Keenan Liou50CENT5X32W2W5W9W3 5.0
2Rohan Kumar692CPARK5W14L1W29W11W9 4.0
3Alexander Cottrell40BRIT4W30W10W11W15L1 4.0
4Aidan Li971FOX5L9W12W16W6W10 4.0
5Tristan Liu50CPARK5W28W18L1W23W13 4.0
6Quincy Rosenzweig50JUAN5D15W26W7L4W19 3.5
7Kyle Fong50SAND5H---W8L6W27W16 3.5
8Adam Farris50BREW5D26L7W30W18W15 3.5
9Harrison Silva50BAYW5W4W17W19L1L2 3.0
10Ethan Martin50BAYW5X35L3W17W19L4 3.0
11Pallavi Badri50FOST5W31W25L3L2W21 3.0
12Matteo Figueroa50BAYW5L17L4W24W28W18 3.0
13Aidan Gurskis40CENT4X34L15W21W20L5 3.0
14Alex Bishop50CIPR5L2L22W26W29W20 3.0
15Kieran Parker308BAYW4D6W13W27L3L8 2.5
16Chenrui Zhang40BAYW4W20D27L4W22L7 2.5
17Pete Thambundit40BREW4W12L9L10D26W23 2.5
18Ron Rimon40SAND4W24L5W22L8L12 2.0
19Billy Picht417FOX5W21W29L9L10L6 2.0
20Miles King50MATT5L16W31W25L13L14 2.0
21Jonathan Devincenzi50MATT5L19W24L13W25L11 2.0
22Kritvi Kapoor50BREW5L29W14L18L16W27 2.0
23Evan Harris40BAYW4L27B---W28L5L17 2.0
24Sage Loomis50BOAKS5L18L21L12W30W29 2.0
25Matthew Campbell40BRIT4X33L11L20L21X30 2.0
26Jack Hauk40BAYW4D8L6L14D17D28 1.5
27Harini Buddaluru50BREW5W23D16L15L7L22 1.5
28Ryan Fernandez50BREW5L5W30L23L12D26 1.5
29Donovan Truel50SCCLC5W22L19L2L14L24 1.0
30Julia Morrow50BAYW5L3L28L8L24F25 0.0
31Lloyd Walter40BAYW4L11L20U---U---U--- 0.0
32Austin Li606FOX4F1U---U---U---U--- 0.0
33Alina Chen 50BREW5F25U---U---U---U--- 0.0
34Daniel Voyles50BAYW5F13U---U---U---U--- 0.0
35Adam Zweiger40ARUN4F10U---U---U---U--- 0.0

6th - 8th Grade

#NameRtngTeamGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Ethan Cartagena60PLA6W7W3W8W2W6 5.0
2Jarett Nishikawa1087RALST6W10W8W4L1W3 4.0
3Elliot Johnston1226HOME4W6L1W5W4L2 3.0
4Nathan Gong1026RALST6W5W9L2L3W8 3.0
5Jason Hauk60BOREL6L4B---L3W7W9 3.0
6Shawn Viogradsky60TIERRA6L3D7X10W9L1 2.5
7Matthew Ko60BOREL6L1D6W9L5B--- 2.5
8Aaron Kang60STEM6W11L2L1B---L4 2.0
9Serafino Presta60BOREL6B---L4L7L6L5 1.0
10Glenn Voyles60BOREL7L2W11F6U---U--- 1.0
11Nico Figuero80BOREL8L8L10U---U---U--- 0.0