Monday, May 29, 2017

2017 Peninsula Chess Club Invitational

Yesterday we held the 2nd annual Peninsula Chess Club Invitational.  12 top Peninsula Chess Club players battled in two sections.

In Group A, Collin Liou was the champion, finishing 4.0/5, with Ethan Cartagena second at 3.5.  In Group B, Nathan Gong battled Elliott Regan in the last round for first place.  Elliott went into the last round at 3.5/4 and so only needed to draw against Nathan (3.0/4), but in a tense rook, pawn and knight endgame Nathan prevailed and took the championship.

USCF Rating Report

Final standings:

Group A:

Collin Liou - 4.0
Ethan Cartagena - 3.5
Adam Zweiger - 3.0
Alan Finkelstein - 3.0
Alex Zhao - 1.0
Keenan Liou - 0.5

Group B:

Nathan Gong - 4.0
Elliott Regan - 3.5
Evan Leong - 2.5
Jacob Yuryev - 2.0
Ariane Yedidia - 1.5
Jared Gong - 1.5

Here is a link to the individual games:  2017 Invitational Games

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