Saturday, May 17, 2014

Peninsula Chess League - May 2014 Results

Friday night we held the 4th tournament of the Peninsula Chess League, a series of team chess matches between elementary and middle schools in the San Francisco Peninsula area.

This time, all matches were 1-round matches with teams of 6 players each.  Here were the results:

  • Fox 1 defeated Baywood, 5.5 - 0.5
  • Fox 1 defeated Arundel, 4.5 - 1.5
  • Arundel defeated Fox 2, 3.5 - 2.5
  • Baywood defeated College Park, 4 - 2
  • College Park defeated Notre Dame, 4 - 2
  • Fox 2 defeated Notre Dame, 5 - 1
In the 2nd round, Baywood was ahead of College Park with 1 game to go.  In that game, there were 3 queens on the board at one time (for quite a while)!  There was a crowd of a dozen kids and adults watching the game.  One of the highlights of this season has been these moments -- where a crowd gathers around the last game of a close match.  It's happened several times this season, and I think the kids (and adults) enjoy it.  It's something you don't get to see in most youth tournaments, since the kids are shooed away as soon as their games end.  Hopefully we'll see more of this next season.

This concludes the 2013-2014 season.  If you are a parent or coach of a team and are interested in forming a team for your school, contact us at  The next tournament will probably be in September or October.

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