Monday, December 28, 2015

January 2016 Peninsula Chess League Tournament

The next Peninsula Chess League tournament will be held on Friday, January 29, 2016.  This a team-oriented event open to grade K-8 kids who live in the San Francisco Peninsula.

This will be an individual Swiss tournament with 6 sections, but trophies will be awarded based on team performance.


  • Date:  Friday, January 29, 2016
  • Time:  6:30-9:00pm
  • Location:  Belmont Public Library
  • Pre-registration is required (
  • There will be 6 sections:
    • USCF advanced section (approx rating 800-1200)
    • USCF intermediate section (approx rating 400-800)
    • USCF beginner section (approx rated under 400)
    • Unrated intermediate
    • Unrated beginner 1 (grades 3-5)
    • Unrated beginner 2 (grades K-2)
  • Each section will have about 15 players.
  • All games in the USCF sections will be USCF Quick-Rated.
  • Time control for USCF sections:  G/15; d2 (game in 15 minutes with a 2 second delay)
  • Time control for unrated sections:  G/17 (no delay)
  • Each player will play 3 games.
  • Individual Swiss format, except players are guaranteed not to play against other players from their school.
  • Round times:  6:45pm, 7:25pm, 8:10pm.  Trophies:  8:50pm
  • Players must play for the school they currently attend, except 5th graders (and below) may play for their elementary school alma mater
  • 6th graders and above must play in either the unrated intermediate section, or one of the USCF rated sections.
  • Trophies will mainly be distributed based on team performance.  Limited individual trophies will be available.  See below for details.
  • Your team has a better chance of winning trophies if your team has more players, so encourage your classmates to register.

Team Scoring

Scoring subject to change based on number of sections, but scoring will be something like this for team trophy purposes:
  • USCF advanced section:  42 points per win (21 points per draw).  Expected rating range for section:  800 - 1200 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • USCF intermediate section:  38 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  400-800 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • USCF beginner section:  34 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  under 400 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • Unrated Intermediate:  30 points per win
  • Unrated Beginner 1:  26 points per win
  • Unrated Beginner 2:  22 points per win
  • USCF members must play in USCF section.
  • Non-members may play in unrated sections, or become members to play in USCF rated sections.  Sign up for USCF membership here (memberships start at $17 per year).
  • Unrated USCF members may play in either USCF section (player's choice).
  • Rated USCF members may not play below their section, but can optionally play in a higher section even if they are lower-rated.  Exception:  provisionally-rated USCF members may be placed in lower rated section at TD's discretion.
  • The latest USCF Quick Ratings will be used for section and pairing purposes.


Team scores are based on the combined scores of the top players on that team.  Trophies awarded:
  • Best Super team (6 players)
  • Best Large team (5 players)
  • Best Standard team (4 players)
  • Best Small team (3 players)
  • Best Mini team (2 players)
  • To qualify for a team trophy, a team *must* have at least the required number of players.
  • Only the top scoring players on the team get a trophy (i.e., for a standard team, only the top 4 get trophies; ties broken by tie-breaks).
  • A team cannot win more than 1 trophy.  e.g., a team winning the Large team trophy is disallowed from winning the Standard team trophy.
  • There will be trophies for individual players with perfect 3.0 scores, but only to those who didn't already win a team trophy (an individual can't win two trophies).
Example:  Team A has 6 players, with point totals of 126, 102, 85, 75, 66, and 55, so their 6-player total is 509 and 5-player total is 454.  Team B has 6 players, with point totals of 105, 102, 90, 60, 45, 34, so their 6-player total is 436, and 5-player total is 402.  Then Team A wins the 6-player team trophies, and Team B wins the 5-player team trophies (since their 5-player total is best of the remaining teams).

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advantage Chess Girls Chess Tournament

Advantage Chess is hosting a free quad tournament for girls (time control G/30) at the Belmont Library on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016.

Information and sign up here:

Advantage Chess Girls Chess Tournament

Saturday, December 5, 2015

December 2015 PCL Results

The December 2015 Peninsula Chess League tournamnt was held on Friday, December 4th, 2015.  This was a 3-round event, time control G/15; d2 for the USCF sections, and G/17 for the unrated sections.  The tournament was run as an individual swiss tournament with 6 sections (3 USCF-rated, 3 unrated).  80 kids from 21 different schools participated.

Here is the USCF Rating Report.

Winning teams:

1st Place, Super Team (6 players):  Brittan Acres
1st Place, Large Team (5 players):  Brewer Island
1st Place, Standard Team (4 players):  Fox
1st Place, Small Team (3 players):  Bowditch Middle
1st Place, Mini Team (2 players):  Tierra Linda

This is Brittan Acres' second Super Team title in four competitions.  This was the first time Bowditch or Tierra Linda won team trophies.  Tierra Linda set a new mini-team record with 240 points (out of a possible 252), beating the old record of 198 set by Woodland in October.

Here are the final team standings (winners in bold):

Team Size 6 Standings
Brittan Acres446
Brewer Island392
Foster City Elementary344

Brittan AcresCollin LiouSection 12.084
Brittan AcresAlexander CottrellSection 12.084
Brittan AcresZachary TysonSection 22.076
Brittan AcresNicholas CottrellSection 22.076
Brittan AcresTate RowellSection 63.066
Brittan AcresAkash DevalcheruvuSection 42.060
Brittan AcresAnderson BarrileSection 62.555
Brittan AcresWilliam GuhrSection 52.052
Brittan AcresClark EttingerSection 62.044
Brittan AcresJacob WallaceSection 61.533
Brittan AcresJason KothariSection 41.030
Brittan AcresCairo PadillaSection 61.022
Brittan AcresAllison WangSection 50.513

Team Size 5 Standings
Brittan Acres386
Brewer Island350
Foster City Elementary306
College Park263

Brewer IslandBryant MaSection 12.5105
Brewer IslandAbhijith AravindSection 43.090
Brewer IslandVishal DandamudiSection 52.052
Brewer IslandAnkit MuppalaSection 52.052
Brewer IslandTrisha SabadraSection 31.551
Brewer IslandAndrew MaSection 11.042
Brewer IslandSumedha ChikkerurSection 51.539
Brewer IslandAkshita BishtSection 51.539
Brewer IslandNeeharika KumarSection 31.034
Brewer IslandGiovanni ChoySection 51.026
Brewer IslandShrisha DandamudiSection 61.022
Brewer IslandArush BishtSection 40.00

Team Size 4 Standings
Brittan Acres320
Brewer Island299
Foster City Elementary267
College Park224

FoxVikram ValameSection 22.076
FoxMikael ChengSection 32.068
FoxDerek SuitsSection 32.068
FoxEvan LeongSection 11.563
FoxSkyler PetersonSection 42.060
FoxAvirral AgarwalSection 21.557
FoxErik LeongSection 31.551
FoxRussell KimSection 21.038
FoxJacob YuryevSection 21.038
FoxJared GongSection 21.038
FoxEthan LiSection 31.034
FoxAustin LiSection 20.00

Team Size 3 Standings
Brewer Island247
Brittan Acres244
Bowditch Middle234
Foster City Elementary225
College Park180

Bowditch MiddleVedant YerolkarSection 33.0102
Bowditch MiddleZion AbrahamSection 33.0102
Bowditch MiddleParth KhannaSection 41.030

Team Size 2 Standings
Tierra Linda240
Bowditch Middle204
Brewer Island195
Foster City Elementary173
Brittan Acres168
College Park120
Ralston Middle42

Tierra LindaAdam ZweigerSection 13.0126
Tierra LindaAlan FinkelsteinSection 23.0114

Ralston MiddleNathan GongSection 11.042
Ralston MiddleAidan LiSection 10.00

NesbitRaj KeswaniSection 12.084
NesbitKian BaheriSection 62.044
NesbitTobias SinSection 31.034
NesbitWhitman Bozarth-GretemanSection 60.511

Central MiddleKeenan LiouSection 12.084

LaurelElliott ReganSection 11.042

BaysideTristan LiuSection 22.076
BaysideRohan KumarSection 11.042
BaysideSejong WilliamsonSection 31.034
BaysideAaron KangSection 41.030

Peninsula Liberty AcademyEthan CartagenaSection 11.563

Foster City ElementaryAlbert ZhengSection 12.5105
Foster City ElementaryPranav KamisettySection 32.068
Foster City ElementaryKaushal NamuduriSection 52.052
Foster City ElementaryAlex JiangSection 11.042
Foster City ElementaryPranav KotamrajuSection 51.539
Foster City ElementaryZayne AbrahamSection 21.038
Foster City ElementaryNeel MondkarSection 41.030
Foster City ElementaryBhargav KotamrajuSection 61.022
Foster City ElementarySai Amrutha BolisettySection 50.513

WoodlandNathan BederovSection 22.076
WoodlandAdam BederovSection 10.00

Kids ConnectionAnish DaraSection 20.00

SCCLCIsaia TuimavaveSection 23.0114

BaywoodCamden BaxterSection 62.555
BaywoodCalvin BaxterSection 61.022
BaywoodChenrui ZhangSection 20.519
BaywoodFrancois PrestaSection 30.00

HeatherVivian HarrisSection 30.00

College ParkTrent YaoSection 42.060
College ParkTrevor YaoSection 42.060
College ParkAyman Ahmed KhanSection 42.060
College ParkDylan ChuaSection 62.044
College ParkDesmond ChuaSection 51.539

Notre DameMatilda KingSection 50.00

AddisonAlexander MuellerSection 53.078

SandpiperIshaan AradhyeSection 61.022

Individual results:

Section 1 (USCF-rated 897 - 1356)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Adam Zweiger897 P115Tierra LindaW11W10W83.
2Bryant Ma10373Brewer IslandW5D3W92.
3Albert Zheng9065Foster City ElementaryW12D2W102.
4Raj Keswani9663NesbitW13D8D62.
5Keenan Liou965 P256Central MiddleL2W14W112.
6Collin Liou1003 P194Brittan AcresW15D9D42.
7Alexander Cottrell976 P255Brittan AcresL8W13W122.
8Ethan Cartagena1356 P97Peninsula Liberty AcademyW7D4L11.
9Evan Leong9594FoxW14D6L21.
10Rohan Kumar9836BaysideW16L1L31.
11Nathan Gong9767Ralston MiddleL1W15L51.
12Elliott Regan10054LaurelL3W16L71.
13Alex Jiang11813Foster City ElementaryL4L7W151.
14Andrew Ma10173Brewer IslandL9L5W161.
15Adam Bederov8977WoodlandL6L11L130.
16Aidan Li855 P226Ralston MiddleL10L12L140.

Section 2 (USCF-rated 410 - 760)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Alan Finkelstein543 P45Tierra LindaW5W6W43.
2Isaia Tuimavave621 P135SCCLCW13W10W33.
3Tristan Liu568 P86BaysideW12W7L22.
4Zachary Tyson610 P184Brittan AcresW8W11L12.
5Vikram Valame6955FoxL1W13W102.
6Nathan Bederov705 P222WoodlandX14L1W92.
7Nicholas Cottrell670 P183Brittan AcresW9L3W112.0-
8Avirral Agarwal418 P95FoxL4B-D131.
9Russell Kim4845FoxL7W12L61.
10Zayne Abraham4104Foster City ElementaryB-L2L51.
11Jacob Yuryev706 P234FoxX15L4L71.
12Jared Gong7604FoxL3L9B-1.0-
13Chenrui Zhang443 P64BaywoodL2L5D80.
14Austin Li513 P195FoxF6U-U-
15Anish Dara550 P193Kids ConnectionF11U-U-

Section 3 (USCF-rated under 390)

PlaceNameRatingGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Vedant Yerolkarunrated7Bowditch MiddleX13W4W33.
2Zion Abraham3877Bowditch MiddleW9W10W63.
3Mikael Cheng287 P155FoxW8W5L12.
4Derek Suits237 P84FoxW12L1W82.
5Pranav Kamisettyunrated2Foster City ElementaryW11L3W92.0-
6Trisha Sabadra281 P163Brewer IslandD7W11L21.
7Erik Leong167 P91FoxD6L8W101.
8Tobias Sin112 P93NesbitL3W7L41.
9Ethan Li195 P244FoxL2W12L51.
10Neeharika Kumar101 P52Brewer IslandB-L2L71.
11Sejong Williamsonunrated6BaysideL5L6W121.
12Francois Presta101 P54BaywoodL4L9L110.
13Vivian Harris231 P72HeatherF1U-U-

Section 4 (unrated intermediate)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Abhijith Aravind4Brewer IslandW5W4W23.
2Trent Yao4College ParkW7W3L12.
3Skyler Peterson3FoxW8L2W62.
4Trevor Yao2College ParkW10L1W82.
5Akash Devalcheruvu5Brittan AcresL1W7W112.
6Ayman Ahmed Khan5College ParkW11X9L32.0-
7Neel Mondkar4Foster City ElementaryL2L5W101.
8Aaron Kang7BaysideL3B-L41.
9Parth Khanna6Bowditch MiddleB-F6U-
10Jason Kothari1Brittan AcresL4W11L71.0-
11Arush Bisht4Brewer IslandL6L10L50.

Section 5 (unrated beginner 3rd-5th grade)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Alexander Mueller2AddisonW10W7W33.
2Kaushal Namuduri4Foster City ElementaryL6W4W52.
3Vishal Dandamudi4Brewer IslandW12W6L12.
4Ankit Muppala4Brewer IslandW9L2W112.0-
5William Guhr3Brittan AcresB-W8L22.0-
6Desmond Chua5College ParkW2L3D81.
7Sumedha Chikkerur4Brewer IslandW11L1D121.
8Akshita Bisht3Brewer IslandX13L5D61.
9Pranav Kotamraju4Foster City ElementaryL4D11W101.
10Giovanni Choy4Brewer IslandL1W12L91.
11Allison Wang4Brittan AcresL7D9L40.
12Sai Amrutha Bolisetty3Foster City ElementaryL3L10D70.
13Matilda King5Notre DameF8U-U-

Section 6 (unrated beginner K-2nd grade)

PlaceNameGradeSchoolRd 1Rd 2Rd 3TotalTB(H)TB(S)TB(C)TB(CO)NWNB
1Tate Rowell2Brittan AcresW9W4W83.
2Camden Baxter2BaywoodD3W13W52.
3Anderson Barrile2Brittan AcresD2W10W92.
4Dylan Chua2College ParkW6L1W112.
5Clark Ettinger2Brittan AcresW12W8L22.
6Kian Baheri2NesbitL4W7W102.0-
7Jacob Wallace2Brittan AcresD13L6B-
8Ishaan Aradhye2SandpiperW11L5L11.
9Shrisha Dandamudi2Brewer IslandL1B-L31.
10Bhargav Kotamraju2Foster City ElementaryB-L3L61.
11Cairo Padilla2Brittan AcresL8W12L41.
12Calvin Baxter2BaywoodL5L11W131.0-
13Whitman Bozarth-Greteman2NesbitD7L2L120.