Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Baywood Tournament Results

100 players entered the 3rd annual Baywood Chess Tournament on November 15th, 2015. Here are the results. All 4 section winners were first-time winners, while last year's champions all fell just short (Trevor Yao, Collin Liou, and Ethan Cartagena all finished 2nd this time, and Keenan Liou finished 3rd).

K-1st Grade Section

#NameGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Korn, NoahKW14W13D8W12W2 4.511.513.513.544.5
2Rajaram,RohanKW6W21W4W7L1 4.01414.51446
3Loew, NicholasKL4W9W10W8W7 4.012.515.51049
4Kodige, Veevan1W3W18L2D11W12 3.51314.51145
5Roodman, Caleb1W18W22L7D6W11 3.51011.51134.5
6Newman, RyanKL2W10W14D5D9 3.013.515.58.547
7Strehlow, Grant1W21W19W5L2L3 3.012.5131237.5
8Leong, Erik1H---W20D1L3W13 3.012128.534
9Gurskis, Aeron1W11L3D16W17D6 3.011.513.5939
10Gurskis, Orion1W19L6L3W20W15 3.010.511.5830
11Ma, TylerKL9W14W15D4L5 2.58.514842.5
12Lee, Ryan1D15W17W13L1L4 2.57.5149.544
13Chow, Remy1W22L1L12W16L8 2.0913.5741
14Glenn, Dylan1D1L11L6W19D16 2.08.513538
15Hurst-beaumont, William1D12D16L11W18L10 2.08.511.56.535.5
16Oh, Teddy1D17D15D9L13D14 2.08116.533.5
17Jing, JoshuaKD16L12W20L9D18 2.07.510.5632
18Harris, Nathan1L5L4W21L15D17 1.5811.53.535.5
19Choslovsky, SamKL10L7D22L14B---
20Gregory, Spencer1H---L8L17L10W21
21Harris, Liam1L7L2L18B---L20 1.0610133
22Freedman, Jonny1L13L5D19H---U--- 1.036.5219.5

2nd-3rd Grade Section

#NameGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Rajaram, Anika2W24W7W9W11W2 5.013.515.51550.5
2Yao, Trevor2W14W18W10W12L1 4.01416.51451.5
3Cottrell, Nicholas3W19L9W24W13W12 4.011131142
4Keswani, Raj3W35W22L11W17W10 4.010.5121239.5
5Yang, Vian2L10W31W25W9W16 4.010.5111038
6Kumar,Manya3W26L12W19W21W11 4.010121140
7Kodige, Samay3W20L1D8W29W17 3.51314.59.544.5
8Kamisetty, Pranav2L9W26D7W18W22 3.511138.536
9Peterson, Skyler3W8W3L1L5W20 3.016.518.51049.5
10Dara, Anish3W5W13L2W23L4 3.015171153.5
11Fu, Joshua 3W30W25W4L1L6 3.015161248
12Roodman,Jonas3W31W6W16L2L3 3.014.5151247
13Lenhard, Jamie3W15L10W30L3W21 3.01213941
14Chu, Christopher3L2W20L15W31W23 3.01111.5737.5
15Mittal, Nachiket2L13W35W14L16W19 3.010.512831
16Nelson, Christopher3W21D23L12W15L5 2.5814945.5
17Leggetter, Jack2D18W28W29L4L7 2.5813.59.539
18Paz, Aydin3D17L2W28L8W29 2.5813.56.543
19Baheri, Kian2L3W32L6W27L15 2.01014636.5
20Hyman, Adam2L7L14W26W25L9 2.01013.5535.5
21Srivastav, Revaant2L16W27W22L6L13 2.09.513.5740
22Fama, Measure3W34L4L21W24L8 2.0812734
23Chua, Dylan2W27D16H---L10L14 2.07.510.5831
24Schwarzkopf, Naveen3L1W34L3L22W31 2.0712536.5
25Crusick, Logan3W32L11L5L20W30 2.0711633.5
26Baxter, Camden2L6L8L20W34W33 2.0711329.5
27Kostrub, Rhodes3L23L21W33L19W32 2.068427.5
28Chun, Aaron3D29L17L18D30W34 2.05.584.528
29Nguyen, Brayden2D28W33L17L7L18 1.5811.56.533.5
30Wilcox, Charlie2L11B---L13D28L25 1.5710431.5
31Baxter, Calvin2L12L5B---L14L24 1.0812234
32Day, Owen2L25L19D34D33L27
33Cheng, Gordon2H---L29L27D32L26
34Griffin, Annie2L22L24D32L26L28 0.5791.522
35Chang, Amelia2L4L15U---U---U--- 0.037020
36Su, Alan2U---U---U---U---U--- 0.00000
37Hua, Ethan2U---U---U---U---U--- 0.00000

4th-5th Grade Section

#NameGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Zweiger, Adam5W17W3W6W5D2 4.5151714.554.5
2Liou, Collin4W10D12W4W7D1 4.014.51712.551.5
3Aravind, Abhijith4W9L1W10W13W12 4.01315.51145
4Yuryev, Jacob4W21W7L2W19W8 4.012141246.5
5Leong, Evan4W20W19W8L1D6 3.5131512.550
6Yedida, Ariane4W24W27L1W18D5 3.5121311.541
7Regan, Elliott4W28L4W12L2W18 3.012.513941
8Gong,Jared4W18W25L5W17L4 3.011.512.51143.5
9Kim, Russell5L3W14L18W15W17 3.01113741
10Kostrub, Anders5L2W24L3W25W19 3.01112739.5
11Gurskis, Aidan5L25L17W28W20W21 3.077.5623.5
12Tuimavave, Isaia5W26D2L7W14L3 2.59.514.5944
13Yao, Samuel5L16W26W25L3D14 2.57127.538
14Li, Caspar4W23L9W20L12D13 2.5711.58.532.5
15Chua, Desmond5W29L16H---L9W23 2.56.510721.5
16Cottrell, Alexander5W13W15H---U---U--- 2.52.551015
17Presta, Francois4L1W11W21L8L9 2.01115.5744.5
18Baxter, Noah4L8W23W9L6L7 2.010.514742.5
19Mondkar, Neel4W22L5W26L4L10 2.09.513.5837.5
20Muppala, Ankit4L5W22L14L11W25 2.08.512535
21Dandamudi, Vishal4L4W28L17W26L11 2.06.510.5628.5
22Parker, Kieran5L19L20L23W28W24 2.057320.5
23Harris, Evan5L14L18W22D24L15 1.57.510429
24Chang, Ansel4L6L10B---D23L22 1.56.510325.5
25Nathan, Eli4W11L8L13L10L20 1.010.513.5536.5
26Glenn, Ethan 4D12L13L19L21D28 1.079.5331
27Yuan, Zixuan4B---L6U---U---U--- 1.003.5411.5
28Schwarzkopf, Avinash5L7L21L11L22D26 0.58110.527
29Pyalling, Mikhail4L15U---U---U---U--- 0.002.507.5
30Su, Evelyn4U---U---U---U---U--- 0.00000
31Yao, Trent4U---U---U---U---U--- 0.00000
32Saban, Annie4U---U---U---U---U--- 0.00000

6th-8th Grade Section

#NameGrdRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5TotTBrk[M]TBrk[S]TBrk[C]TBrk[O]
1Gong, Nathan7W6W9W5W4D2 4.51111.514.537
2Cartagena, Ethan7W7L5W3W6D1 3.51213.510.540
3Liou, Keenan6D4W6L2W5W7 3.51112.59.537
4Lu, Thomas6D3W7W8L1W9 3.51111.510.537
5Nathan, Zachary7W8W2L1L3B--- 3.01313939.5
6Liu, Tristan6L1L3B---L2W8 2.08.513339.5
7Farris, Adam6L2L4W9B---L3 2.07.511434.5
8Kang, Aaron7L5B---L4W9L6 2.04.58526.5
9Patil, Aneek7B---L1L7L8L4 1.06.511434

Thursday, November 5, 2015

December 2015 Peninsula Chess League Tournament

The next Peninsula Chess League tournament will be held on Friday, December 4th, 2015.  This a team-oriented event open to grade K-8 kids who live in the San Francisco Peninsula.

This will be an individual Swiss tournament with 6 sections, but trophies will be awarded based on team performance.


  • Date:  Friday, December 4th, 2015
  • Time:  6:30-9:00pm
  • Location:  Belmont Public Library
  • Pre-registration is required (
  • There will be 6 sections:
    • USCF advanced section (approx rating 800-1200)
    • USCF intermediate section (approx rating 400-800)
    • USCF beginner section (approx rated under 400)
    • Unrated intermediate
    • Unrated beginner 1 (grades 3-5)
    • Unrated beginner 2 (grades K-2)
  • Each section will have about 15 players.
  • All games in the USCF sections will be USCF Quick-Rated.
  • Time control for USCF sections:  G/15; d2 (game in 15 minutes with a 2 second delay)
  • Time control for unrated sections:  G/17 (no delay)
  • Each player will play 3 games.
  • Individual Swiss format, except players are guaranteed not to play against other players from their school.
  • Round times:  6:45pm, 7:25pm, 8:10pm.  Trophies:  8:50pm
  • Players must play for the school they currently attend, except 5th graders (and below) may play for their elementary school alma mater
  • 6th graders and above must play in either the unrated intermediate section, or one of the USCF rated sections.
  • Trophies will mainly be distributed based on team performance.  Limited individual trophies will be available.  See below for details.
  • Your team has a better chance of winning trophies if your team has more players, so encourage your classmates to register.

Team Scoring

Scoring subject to change based on number of sections, but scoring will be something like this for team trophy purposes:
  • USCF advanced section:  42 points per win (21 points per draw).  Expected rating range for section:  800 - 1200 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • USCF intermediate section:  38 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  400-800 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • USCF beginner section:  34 points per win.  Expected rating range for section:  under 400 (may be modified to balance sections)
  • Unrated Intermediate:  30 points per win
  • Unrated Beginner 1:  26 points per win
  • Unrated Beginner 2:  22 points per win
  • USCF members must play in USCF section.
  • Non-members may play in unrated sections, or become members to play in USCF rated sections.  Sign up for USCF membership here (memberships start at $17 per year).
  • Unrated USCF members may play in either USCF section (player's choice).
  • Rated USCF members may not play below their section, but can optionally play in a higher section even if they are lower-rated.  Exception:  provisionally-rated USCF members may be placed in lower rated section at TD's discretion.
  • The latest USCF Quick Ratings will be used for section and pairing purposes.


Team scores are based on the combined scores of the top players on that team.  Trophies awarded:
  • Best Super team (6 players)
  • Best Large team (5 players)
  • Best Standard team (4 players)
  • Best Small team (3 players)
  • Best Mini team (2 players)
  • To qualify for a team trophy, a team *must* have at least the required number of players.
  • Only the top scoring players on the team get a trophy (i.e., for a standard team, only the top 4 get trophies; ties broken by tie-breaks).
  • A team cannot win more than 1 trophy.  e.g., a team winning the Large team trophy is disallowed from winning the Standard team trophy.
  • There will be trophies for individual players with perfect 3.0 scores, but only to those who didn't already win a team trophy (an individual can't win two trophies).
Example:  Team A has 6 players, with point totals of 126, 102, 85, 75, 66, and 55, so their 6-player total is 509 and 5-player total is 454.  Team B has 6 players, with point totals of 105, 102, 90, 60, 45, 34, so their 6-player total is 436, and 5-player total is 402.  Then Team A wins the 6-player team trophies, and Team B wins the 5-player team trophies (since their 5-player total is best of the remaining teams).